Fellows of the Center, 1978–2016

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Fellows of the Center are listed with the years during which they held fellowships; their university departments or principal fields of study; the institutions with which they were affiliated at the time of their fellowships; the titles of the projects they undertook at the Center.

The Fellows are divided into three groups, arranged in alphabetical order by their last names.

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  • Richard Owen Abel (1988–89)
    Film Studies, Drake University
    A History of French Cinema, 1906–1914
  • Joseph Adelson (1978-79)
    Psychology, University of Michigan
    Adolescent Political Thinking
  • John T. Agresto (1978-79)
    Political Science, Kenyon College
    Civic Morality and Democratic Government
  • Leila Ahmed (1982-83)
    English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    A Common Past: Women in Middle Eastern History
  • Rafiuddin Ahmed (1999-2000)
    History, Elmira College
    Religious Symbols and Political Mobilization: The Bengal Muslims 1905-1947
  • Michael Alexander (1983-84)
    Classics, University of Illinois-Chicago
    Ordinary Crime in the Late Roman Republic
  • Azizah al-Hibri (2000-01)
    Law, University of Richmond
    The Muslim Marriage Contract in America
  • Wye J. Allanbrook (1986-87, 2003-04)
    Musicology, University of California, Berkeley
    (1) Characteristic Styles in Classic Music: A Study in the Theory of Musical Expression
    (2) Happy Endings: Comic Musical Theater from Lully to Sondheim
  • John J. Allen (1989-90)
    Spanish, University of Kentucky
    Commercial Playhouses in Golden Age Spain
  • Robert C. Allen (1986–87)
    Film Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Nineteenth-Century Popular Entertainment
  • David Richard Ambaras (2014–15)
    History, North Carolina State University
    Empire of Drifters: Life and Death on the Margins of Japan’s Asia
  • Barbara R. Ambros (2013–14)
    Religion, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Shamans, Nuns, and Demons: Women in Japanese Religions
  • Sahar Amer (2005-06)
    Asian & International Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Border Crossings: Representations of Gender in Medieval French and Arabic Literatures
  • Fred Anderson (2012-13)
    History, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Imperial America, 1672-1764
  • Judith H. Anderson (1995-96)
    English, Indiana University
    Translations: The Limits of Metaphor in Early Modern England
  • Quentin Anderson (1979-80)
    English, Columbia University
    Individualism and Consensus in the United States
  • T. J. Anderson (1996-97)
    Musicology, Tufts University
    A Work for Clarinet and String Quartet
  • Robert Mark Antliff (2003-04)
    Art History, Duke University
    The Advent of Fascism: Myth, Art, and Ideology in France
  • Carla Maria Antonaccio (1999-2000)
    Classical Studies, Wesleyan University
    Excavating Colonization
  • Louise M. Antony (1989-90)
    Philosophy, North Carolina State University
    Meanings: Inside and Out
  • Maroun Aouad (2000-01)
    Philosophy, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
    The Fate of the Arabic Commentaries on Aristotle’s “Rhetoric” in the Latin Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • K. Anthony Appiah (1990-91)
    Philosophy, Duke University
    Idealization and Human Understanding
  • Lorraine V. Aragon (2010-11)
    Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Arts and Owners: Intellectual Property, Cultural Heritage, and Indonesian Arts
  • Yehoshua Arieli (1979-80)
    History, Hebrew University
    History and Politics
  • David R. Armitage (1996-97)
    History, Columbia University
    The Ideological Origins of the British Empire
  • A. James Arnold (1989-90)
    Comparative Literature, University of Virginia
    (Re)-Writing the Caribbean; Essay in Literary Historiography
  • Keletso E. Atkins (1995-96)
    History, University of Michigan
    “Questionable Haven”: South Africa as an Immigration Site for Freed Slaves and Their Descendants from North America, c. 1784-1870
  • Derek Attridge (2014–15)
    English, University of York, UK
    Poetry in Performance from Homer to the Renaissance: The Middle Ages

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  • Ana M. Bacigalupo (2009-10)
    Anthropology, State University of New York, Buffalo
    Shamanic Memory and Historical Consciousness: The Making of Francisca Colipe and Her Mapuche Community in Chile
  • Ernst Badian (1988-89)
    Ancient History, Harvard University
    (1) Studies on Alexander the Great
    (2) The Consuls of the Roman Republic, 200-49 B.C.
  • Tista Bagchi (2001-02)
    Linguistics, University of Delhi, India
    The Simplex Sentence as a Unit of Grammar and Reasoning
  • Kurt Baier (1979-80)
    Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
    The Moral Order
  • Herbert Bailey (1983-84)
    Scholarly Publishing, Princeton University Press
    Distinguished Visitor
  • Jordanna Bailkin (2003-04)
    History, University of Washington
    The Absence of Murder: Whiteness and Crime in the British Empire
  • Houston Baker, Jr. (1982-83)
    English, University of Pennsylvania
    Afro-American Narrative and the Anthropology of Art
  • Lee D. Baker (2003-04)
    Anthropology, Duke University
    Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture, 1892-1968
  • Lynne Baker (1983-84)
    Philosophy, Middlebury College
    Realism and Moral Action
  • Shaul Bakhash (1983-84)
    Middle Eastern Studies, Unaffiliated
    Islam and Commerce in Iran
  • Anthony P. Bale (2012-13)
    English, Birkbeck College, University of London
    Remaking Calvary and the Legible Landscape: Memory and Feeling in Space and Time
  • Allen Ballard (1980-81)
    Government, City College of New York
    The Emergence of the Black Middle Class–the Case of Philadelphia
  • Edward J. Balleisen (2009-10)
    History, Duke University
    Suckers, Swindlers, and an Ambivalent State: A History of Commercial Fraud in America
  • Angelika Bammer (1989-90)
    German, Emory University
    Mother Tongues and Other Strangers: Discourses of Foreignness in Twentieth-Century Literature
  • William Banks (1981-82)
    Afro-American Studies, University of California, Berkeley
    Intellectualism, Ethnic Commitment, and the Shaping of Black Scholarship
  • Lance Banning (1986-87)
    History, University of Kentucky
    James Madison and the Founding, 1780-1792
  • Lluis Barbe-Duran (1979-80)
    Economics, University Autonoma, Barcelona
    Distribution Theory: Gifts, Shifts and Thrifts
  • Malcolm G. Barber (1998-99)
    History, University of Reading
    The Cathars
  • Ian Barbour (1980-81)
    Religion and Physics, Carleton College
    Energy Options and Human Values
  • Peter Winthrop Bardaglio (1999-2000)
    History, Goucher College
    Rape by Fraud: Men, Women, and Sexual Assault in the Nineteenth-Century South
  • Evelyn Barish (1993-94)
    English, City University of New York
    Paul de Man in his Times
  • Karen Barkey (1997-98)
    Sociology, Columbia University
    Divergent Paths to Nationhood in the Early Twentieth Century
  • Mary E. Barnard (1994-95)
    Spanish, Pennsylvania State University
    The Gods in Garcilaso de la Vega: Renaissance Rewritings of Pagan Myths
  • Dorit Bar-On (2009-10)
    Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Expression, Action, and Meaning
  • William Barrett (1981-82)
    Philosophy, New York University
    Mind in Modern Philosophy: From Descartes to the Computer
  • Katherine T. Bartlett (1992-93)
    Law, Duke University
    Negotiating Tradition in Law: An Historicist Approach
  • Christopher Baswell (1993-94)
    English, Barnard College
    Contested Words in the High Middle Ages
  • Bradley William Bateman (1999-2000)
    Economics, Grinnell College
    The Force of the River Itself: The Social Gospel and American Economics
  • Anne Margaret Baxley (2003-04)
    Philosophy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    Kant’s Theory of Virtue: The Importance of Autocracy
  • Edna G. Bay (1993-94)
    History, Emory University
    Women and Power in Dahomey (West Africa)
  • Mia Elisabeth Bay (2009-10)
    History, Rutgers University
    The Ambidexter Philosopher: Thomas Jefferson in Black Thought, 1776-1877
  • Michael Bayles (1984-85)
    Philosophy, University of Western Ontario
    Principles of Law
  • Robert M. Beachy (2006-07)
    History, Goucher College
    Gay Metropolis: Berlin and the Creation of Modern Homosexuality, 1890-1933
  • George P. Bealer (1992-93)
    Philosophy, University of Colorado, Boulder
    Philosophical Limits of Science
  • Joseph Beatty (1978-79)
    Philosophy, Williams College
    A Rational Justification of Moral Principles
  • Harlan Ray Beckley (1995-96)
    Religion, Washington & Lee University
    Equality of Opportunity: Revising and Renewing a Neglected Idea
  • Sarah T. Beckwith (1994-95; 2012-13)
    (1) English, University of Pittsburgh: Signifying God: Social Relation and Symbolic Act in York’s Play of Corpus Christi
    (2) English, Duke University: Shakespeare and the Names of Action
  • Jason D. BeDuhn (2009-10)
    Religious Studies, Northern Arizona University
    Digital Enhancement, Editing, Translation, and Analysis of the “Dublin Kephalaia”
  • Tom Beghin (2002-03)
    Musicology, University of California-Los Angeles
    Performing Rhetoric: Joseph Haydn’s Keyboard Sonatas as Musical Orations
  • Nicola K. Beisel (1998-99)
    Sociology & American Studies, Northwestern University
    Race and the Politics of Abortion in America
  • Janet L. Beizer (1998-99)
    French, University of Virginia
    Vicarious Lives: Autobiography in Contemporary Women’s Biography
  • David F. Bell (1990-91)
    French, Duke University
    Circumstances: Chance in the Literary Text
  • Barbara Bellows Rockefeller (1985-86)
    History, Middlebury College
    Tempering the Wind: The Southern Response to Urban Poverty, 1820-1860
  • Hedva Ben-Israel (1985-86)
    History, Hebrew University
    Moral Judgment in Modern Historiography
  • Philip J. Benedict (1993-94)
    History, Brown University
    Calvinism and Society: The Reformed Tradition in Europe to 1700
  • Judith M. Bennett (1993-94)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Women’s Work in a Changing World: Women and Brewing in England, c. 1200-1600
  • C. David Benson (1983-84)
    English, University of Connecticut
    Poetic Variety and Conflict in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
  • Susan Porter Benson (1992-93)
    History, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Working-Class Families in the World of Consumption, 1880-1960
  • Martin Berger (2015–16)
    History of Art, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Inventing Stereotype: Race, Art, and 1920s America
  • Charles Bergquist (1980-81)
    History, Duke University
    Workers in the Export Sector and Twentieth-Century Latin American History: Six Case Studies
  • Theodore A. Bergren (1998-99)
    Religion, University of Richmond
    Commentaries on 5 and 6 Ezra
  • Philip Berk (1984-85)
    French, University of Rochester
    Rabelaisian Hermeneutics: Pantagruel
  • Paul F. Berliner (1996-97, 2010-11)
    (1) Ethnomusicology, Northwestern University: Creativity, Transmission, and Change in Zimbabwe’s Mbira Music Community: 1971-97
    (2) Ethnomusicology, Duke University The Art of Mbira: A Forty-Year Study of the Repertory and Creative Practices of Africa’s Unique Musical Instrument
  • Harold J. Berman (1979-80)
    Law, Harvard University
    The Western Legal Tradition
  • Reinhard Bernbeck (2015–16)
    Archaeology, Freie Universität Berlin
    Material Traces of Nazi Terror: Reflections on History, Experience, and Memory
  • Michael A. Bernstein (1989-90)
    History, University of California, San Diego
    American Economics in the American Century: The State and Modern Economic Thought
  • Neil Warren Bernstein (2011-12)
    Classics, Ohio University
    Narrative, Equity, and Community in the Pseudo-Quintilianic Major Declamations
  • Sara Bernstein (2015–16)
    Philosophy, Duke University
    What Might Have Been: Causation and Possibility
  • Daina R. Berry (2007-08, 2008-09)
    History, Michigan State University
    Appraised, Bartered, and Sold: The Value of Human Chattels, 1790-1865
  • Mary Elizabeth Berry (2014–15)
    History, University of California, Berkeley
    Why Work So Hard? Opportunity, Profit, and Pleasure in Early Modern Japan
  • Sylvia Ann Berryman (2001-02)
    Philosophy, Ohio State University
    Attraction and the Power of the Void
  • Lance Bertelson (1983-84)
    English, University of Texas at Austin
    John Wilkes and the Popular Media
  • Alan Beyerchen (1984-85)
    History of Science, Ohio State University
    James Franck and the Social Responsibility of the Scientist
  • Anat Biletzki (2014–15)
    Philosophy, Quinnipiac University
    Philosophical Investigations into Human Rights
  • Jodi Bilinkoff (1999-2000)
    History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Confession and the Construction of Identities 1450-1750
  • Henry C. Binford (1990-91)
    History, Northwestern University
    The Invention of the Slum in America, 1840-1890
  • Colin P. Bird (2008-09)
    Politics, University of Virginia
    Communities of Respect
  • Robert L. Bireley, S.J. (1998-99)
    History, Loyola University Chicago
    The Jesuits and the Thirty Years War
  • Rüdiger Bittner (2009-10)
    Philosophy, University of Bielefeld, Germany
    Do We Have a Will?
  • Richard Bjornson (1982-83)
    Comparative Literature, Ohio State University
    Literature and National Identity in Cameroon
  • Max Black (1986-88)
    Philosophy, Cornell University
    Models of Rationality
  • Kalman P. Bland (2002-03)
    Religion, Duke University
    Animals, Technology, and Souls: Human Identity in Medieval Jewish Thought
  • Paula Carin Blank (2001-02, 2012-13)
    English & American Literature, College of William and Mary
    (1) On Equal Terms: Shakespeare and the (Mis-)Measurement of Renaissance Man
    (2) Shakespeare and Modern English
  • Vincent A. Blasi (1993-94, 1995-96)
    Law, Columbia University Law School
    The Ideas of the First Amendment
  • Geoffrey Blodgett (1980-81)
    History, Oberlin College
    The Presidencies of Grover Cleveland
  • Nicolas Jan Bock (2008-09)
    Art History, University of Lausanne
    About Titles
  • Mark Evan Bonds (1995-96)
    Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The Music of Ideas: The Culture of the Symphony in the Age of Beethoven
  • Joseph Allen Boone (2009-10)
    English, University of Southern California
    The Homoerotics of Orientalism: Mappings of Male Desire in Narratives of the Near and Middle East
  • William James Booth (1987-88)
    Political Science, Duke University
    Masters and Servants: Reflections on Marxism and Its Origins
  • Francesca M. Bordogna (2006-07)
    History, Northwestern University
    Traveling Philosophers: The Constitution of an International Pragmatist Network, 1890-1920
  • Daniel Ethan Bornstein (2003-04)
    History, Texas A&M University
    An Italian Church: Religion, Culture, and Society in Late Medieval Cortona
  • Luca Boschetto (2001-02)
    Modern Languages-Italian, independent scholar, Florence, Italy
    Economy, Politics and Law in Renaissance Florence: The Court of the Mercanzia, 1394-1577
  • William J. Bouwsma (1983-85)
    History, University of California, Berkeley
    John Calvin
  • Bernard Romaric Boxill (1985-86)
    Philosophy, University of South Florida
    Moral Issues in Development
  • Barbara Weiden Boyd (2014–15)
    Classics, Bowdoin College
    Ovid’s Homer: Tradition, Authority, and Epic Reception
  • Muriel C. Bradbrook (1978-79, 1980-81)
    English, University of Cambridge
    (1) John Webster: Citizen and Dramatist
    (2) Drama and Society in London, 1600-1616
  • Graham R. Bradshaw (1989-90)
    English, University of St. Andrews
    Poetic Drama and Music Drama as Metaphor
  • Thomas A. Brady (2001-02)
    History, University of California-Berkeley
    German Histories in the Age of Reformation
  • Jessica C. Brantley (2008-09)
    English, Yale University
    Medieval Ways of Seeing: Image, Text, Artifact
  • Theresa Braunschneider (2005-06)
    English, Washington and Lee University
    Reforming the Coquette: Consumption, Education, and Female Sexuality in British Literature, 1660-1750
  • Padraig A. Breatnach (2000-01)
    Irish Language, University College, Dublin
    Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts, Brussels
  • Timothy H. Breen (1983-84, 1995-96)
    History, Northwestern University
    (1) A Social and Cultural History of Early America, 1607-1763
    (2) An Empire of Goods
  • Winifred Breines (2001-02)
    Sociology, Northeastern University
    The Trouble Between Us: White Women, Black Women, The Movement Years
  • Holly Brewer (2009-10)
    History, North Carolina State University
    “Inheritable Blood”: Of Slavery and Freedom, Aristocracy and Empire in Early Virginia and the British Atlantic
  • Alan Brinkley (1988-89)
    History, Harvard University
    The Transformation of New Deal Liberalism, 1937-1945
  • Cynthia J. Brokaw (2012-13)
    History, Brown University
    Transforming the Frontier: Education, Book Culture, and the Rise of “Sichuan Learning”
  • Christopher W. Brooks (1989-90)
    History, Durham University
    Law, Politics and Society in England, 1485-1660
  • Cleanth Brooks (1979-81)
    English, Yale University
    1979-80: Literary Interpretation; 1980-81: The Relation of Extrinsic to Intrinsic in Literary Criticism
  • Thomas David Brothers (2003-04)
    Musicology, Duke University
    Crossing and Passing in Musical New Orleans, 1890-1920
  • Peter W. H. Brown (1978-79)
    Classics, The British Academy
    Gibbon’s Use of His Sources
  • Thomas Brown (2015–16)
    History, University of South Carolina, Columbia
    The Reconstruction of American Memory: Civic Monuments of the Civil War
  • Vincent Aaron Brown (2011-12)
    History, Duke University
    The Coromantee Wars: An Archipelago of Insurrection
  • Christopher R. Browning (2006-07)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Remembering Survival: The Factory Slave Labor Camps of Starachowice, Poland
  • William C. Brumfield (1992-93)
    Slavic Studies, Tulane University
    National Identity in 19th-century Russian Architecture
  • W. Fitzhugh Brundage (1995-96)
    History, Queen’s University
    Making History: Historical Memory in the American South, 1880 to the Present
  • Kristen E. Brustad (2005-06)
    Middle Eastern Studies, Emory University
    Arabic from Empire to Nation: A Study in Language Ideology
  • Caroline Astrid Bruzelius (2003-04)
    Art History, Duke University
    The Mendicant Challenge and the Cathedral Response: Lay Burial and its Impact on the Medieval City
  • Chad Carl Bryant (2009-10)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Encountering Prague: Place and Everyday Life in a Central European City
  • Allen E. Buchanan (2001-02)
    Philosophy, University of Arizona
    Humanitarian Intervention, Ethics, and the Rule of Law
  • Theodore E. Buehrer (2006-07)
    Musicology, Kenyon College
    Mary’s Ideas: Mary Lou Williams’ Development as a Big Band Composer
  • Marcus Graham Bull (2014–15)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Eyewitness and Narration: Texts of Conflict and Cultural Encounter between the Eleventh and Sixteenth Centuries
  • Melissa M. Bullard (1998-99)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Letters of Lorenzo de’Medici and the Language of Diplomacy in the Renaissance
  • David Neale Bunn (2011-12)
    English, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
    An Unnatural State: Boundary Identities in South Africa’s Kruger National Park
  • Richard M. Burian (1991-92)
    Philosophy, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University
    Handling Heredity: A Century of Heredity in French Biology
  • Trevor G. Burnard (2008-09)
    History, University of Warwick
    Tropical Transformations: St. Domingue, Jamaica and the Making of Racial Order
  • Scott Burnham (1998-99)
    Music, Princeton University
    Mozart, Schubert, and the Music of Romantic Subjectivity
  • Kathryn Jane Burns (2002-03)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Truth and Consequences: Scribes and the Colonization of Latin America
  • Orville Vernon Burton (1994-95)
    History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Localism and Nationalism in the Confederacy: Community in Crisis
  • Jonathan Andrew Bush (1998-99)
    Law, Santa Clara University
    The American Nuremberg Trials, 1946-1949
  • Richard L. Bushman (1991-92)
    History, Columbia University
    Farm Life in Early America, 1700-1850
  • Amy T. Bushnell (2009-10)
    History, independent scholar
    Containing the Atlantic World in the Americas, 1493-1825
  • James Michael Buzard (1997-98)
    Literature, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Anywhere’s Nowhere: Fictions of Autoethnography in the United Kingdom
  • Judith Ann-Marie Byfield (2007-08)
    Africana Studies, Cornell University
    “The Great Upheaval” — The Egba Women’s Tax Revolt: Gender and Nationalist Politics in Nigeria, 1945-1954

CA  B  C  D  E  F  G
  • Mary Baine Campbell (1997-98)
    English, Brandeis University
    Wonder and Science: The Literatures of Travel, Fantasy and Anthropology, 1557-1726
  • David N. Cannadine (2005-06)
    History, University of London
    The Penguin History of Nineteenth-Century Britain
  • Nicholas Canny (1986-87)
    History, University College, Galway
    Ireland in the English Colonial System, 1580-1700
  • Charles H. Capper (1994-95, 2002-03)
    (1) History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Margaret Fuller: The Public Years
    (2) History, Boston University: The Transcendentalist Moment: Romantic Intellect and America’s Democratic Awakening
  • Charles Caramello (1984-85)
    English, University of Maryland
    Henry James, Gertrude Stein, and the Location of Self
  • Luis E. Cárcamo-Huechante (2013–14)
    Spanish/Portuguese, University of Texas, Austin
    The Sounds of an Indigenous Nation: Sonic Poetics and Politics in Contemporary Mapuche Culture in Chile
  • Charles Carlton (1985-86)
    History, North Carolina State University
    Archbishop William Laud, 1573-1645
  • David L. Carlton (1994-95)
    History, Vanderbilt University
    Strategies of Southern Development: The Case of North Carolina, 1865-1945
  • Annemarie Weyl Carr (1998-99)
    Art History, Southern Methodist University
    Pursuing the Life of an Icon: The Panagia of Kykkos
  • Vincent Carretta (1983-84)
    English, University of Maryland
    The Satiric Career of George III
  • David Carrier (2006-07)
    Philosophy & Art History, Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Institute of Art
    A Multicultural Art History
  • Peter J. Carroll (2015–16)
    History, Northwestern University
    “This Age of Suicide”: Modernity, Society, and Self in China, 1900–1957
  • John Samuel Carson (2003-04)
    History, University of Michigan
    Mental Ability and Medical Jurisprudence in Nineteenth-Century England and America
  • Dan T. Carter (1990-91)
    History, Emory University
    George Wallace and the Transformation of American Politics, 1963-1976
  • J. Kameron Carter (2006-07)
    Religion, Duke University
    Du Bois, Religion, and the Black Intellectual Imagination, 1888-1935
  • Timothy Carter (2015–16)
    Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Let ’Em Eat Cake: Political Musical Theater in 1930s America
  • Scott E. Casper (2005-06)
    History, University of Nevada, Reno
    Sarah Johnson’s Mount Vernon: African-American Life at an American Shrine, from Slavery to Jim Crow
  • Douglass Cater (1990-91)
    Public Affairs, Washington College
    (1) The Small Liberal Arts College: Prospects for the Future
    (2) A Retrospective on Life among American Politicians
  • Hiram Caton (1982-83)
    Philosophy, Griffith University
    The Politics of Progress
  • Steven C. Caton (1992-93)
    Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz
    War and Word: Dialectics of Violence and Mediation in Tribal Yemen
  • Andrew Cayton (2012-13)
    History, Miami University
    Imperial America, 1672-1764
  • Christopher S. Celenza (2003-04)
    History, Michigan State University
    Intellectuals and Ritual: Late Antiquity and the Search for Ancient Wisdom in Early Modern Europe
  • John W. Cell (1988-89)
    History, Duke University
    Biography of Lord Hailey (1872-1969)
  • Jane Censer (1983-84)
    History, American University
    The Old Elite Faces the New Order: Virginia and North Carolina Planters, 1860-1885
  • William Chafe (1981-82)
    History, Duke University
    Coming of Age: A Social History of the United States, 1940-1980
  • Ruth Elizabeth Chang (2009-10)
    Philosophy, Rutgers University
    Making It Matter
  • George A. Chauncey, Jr. (1996-97)
    History, University of Chicago
    American Culture and the Making of the Modern Gay World, 1935-1975
  • Jinhua Chen (2013–14)
    Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada
    Sacred Bone: Relic-Worship in Medieval China
  • Roger Chickering (2004-05)
    History, Georgetown University
    Total War in a Lovely Place: A Cultural History of Freiburg, 1914-1918
  • Catherine Marie Chin (2007-08)
    Religion, University of California, Davis
    The Momentum of the Word: Rufinus of Aquileia and the Birth of Christian Literature
  • Kyeong-Hee Choi (2005-06)
    East Asian Studies, University of Chicago
    Rewritten in Divided Korea: Colonial Literature as a History, 1945-1960
  • Stanley Chojnacki (1989-90)
    History, Michigan State University
    (1) Venetian Society; Late Middle Ages to Renaissance
    (2) Decades of Wifehood: Gender & Society in the Venetian Patriciate, 1300-1500
  • David G. Christian (2006-07)
    History, San Diego State University
    Inner Eurasian History
  • Thomas D. Christiano (1999-2000)
    Philosophy, University of Arizona
    Philosophical Foundations of Democracy
  • George Christie (1980-81)
    Legal Philosophy, Duke University
    Philosophical Insights into the State Action Problem
  • Nicholas Christy (1978-79)
    Medicine, Columbia University
    The Profession of Medicine in America Today
  • Julia Ann Clancy-Smith (2004-05)
    History, University of Arizona
    The School on Rue du Pacha, Tunis: Educating Muslim Girls in Colonial North Africa, c. 1880-1920
  • Anna K. Clark (1990-91)
    History, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Gender and the Making of the English Working Class
  • David Stuart Clark (1999-2000)
    History, University of Wales, Swansea
    Visual Reality in Early Modern Europe
  • Elizabeth A. Clark (1988-89, 2001-02)
    Religion & Theology, Duke University
    (1) The Social History of the Origenist Controversy
    (2) Rewriting the History of Early Christianity
  • John G. Clark (1981-82)
    History, University of Kansas
    U.S. Fuel Resource Policies, 1916-1947
  • Suzannah Clark (2010-11)
    Musicology, Harvard University
    Quirks in Tonality: Aspects in the History of Tonal Space
  • Graeme W. Clarke (1991-92)
    Ancient History, Australian National University
    The Letters and Fragments of Dionysius of Alexandria
  • Randolph K. Clarke (2012-13)
    Philosophy, Florida State University
    Omissions: Agency, Metaphysics, and Responsibility
  • Carol Clover (2008-09)
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    Singularity and Superiority
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    Reinterpreting the Confucian Tradition in the Light of Newly Excavated Manuscripts
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    The Ascendancy of “The Imperial Presidency”
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    Reason and Needs
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    Religious Violence and American Foreign Policy
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DA  B  C  D  E  F  G
  • Emilia Viotti Da Costa (1984-85)
    History, Yale University
    The Strange Career of John Smith: The Demerara (Guyana) Slave Rebellion of 1823
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    English & American Literature, University of Wyoming
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    English, University of Edinburgh
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    Marx and Marxism after 100 Years
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    Intellectual Life in the Revolutionary South
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    History, independent scholar
    Forms of Reality: Literature in Java, 1800-2000
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    Speaking on Shakespeare’s Terms
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    Visible Cities: Text and Urban Space in Middle-Period China, Eighth through Twelfth Centuries
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    (1) Poetic Form and Reader Experience in Post-Civil War Spanish Poetry
    (2) A New History of Contemporary Spanish Poetry
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    Folklore, Indiana University
    Legend and Belief: The Dialectics of a Folklore Genre
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    Gender Studies, Central European University
    Cold War in the International Women’s Movement
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    English, Columbia University
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    (2) Melville’s World
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    Law, Duke University
    Constitutional Change: The Process of Amendment
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    (2) English & American Literature, Tulane University: Under Erasure: “Culture” and the Diasporic Imaginary
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    History, Leiden University
    Belgium in the First World War
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    English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Re-Scripting Shakespeare
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    History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Women of Boston: Gender and the City, 1870-1950
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    English, City University of New York-Queen’s College
    American Culture in the 1930s
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    History, DePauw University
    The Good Doctors: The Medical Committee for Human Rights and the Politics of Health Care in America
  • James Carter Dobbins (2006-07)
    Religion, Oberlin College
    Religious Meanings in Japanese Buddhist Art
  • Betty Dobbs (1978-79)
    History of Science, Northwestern University
    The Role of Alchemy in Newton’s Thought
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    French, Columbia University
    Trading Places: Colonialism, Slavery, and Eighteenth-Century French Culture
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    English, University of Sussex
    Comparative Study of Sexuality, Transgression, and Sub-cultures
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    English, New York University
    (1) Walter Pater: His Life, His Afterlife
    (2) The Tragic Generation: Yeats and the 1890s
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    Classics & Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College
    Historiographic Structures in the Study of Classical Art
  • Florence W. Dore (2008-09)
    English, Kent State University
    Not Knowing: Racial Equality and Forms of Privacy in Southern Modernism
  • John Michael Doris (2008-09)
    Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis
    A Natural History of the Self
  • Richard Dorson (1978-79)
    Folklore, Indiana University
    The Other America in Legend
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    English, Columbia University
    Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker, and the Literary Life of New York in the 1920s
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    English, Arizona State University
    Durer’s Beauty
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    English, University of New Mexico
    Internal Audience and Epistolary Form in Eighteenth-Century English Literature
  • Don Harrison Doyle (2011-12)
    History, University of South Carolina
    America’s International Civil War
  • William H. Dray (1983-84)
    Philosophy, University of Ottawa
    Causal Interpretations of the English Civil War
  • Marie Drew-Bear (1986-87)
    Classics, Universite Lyon II
    The Archives of the City Council of Hermoupolis in the Third Century A.D.
  • Jan Willem Drijvers (2000-01)
    Ancient History, University of Groningen
    Cyril and Jerusalem
  • Laurent Marc Dubois (2008-09)
    History, Duke University
    The Banjo: A Cultural History
  • Rachel Blau DuPlessis (2008-09)
    English, Temple University
    Gender Debates and Cultural Power in Twentieth-Century American Poetries
  • Robert S. DuPlessis (2008-09)
    History, Swarthmore College
    Atlantic Stuff: Histories of Consumption in the Early Modern South Atlantic World
  • A. Hunter Dupree (1978-79)
    History of Science, Brown University
    The Role of Measurement in History
  • Edwin M. Duval (1992-93)
    French, Yale University
    The Design of Rabelais’s Tiers Livre de Pantagruel
  • Kathleen Anne DuVal (2008-09)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Revolution Without Rebels: The Battle of Pensacola and the War for America
  • Allen R. Dyer (1981-82)
    Psychiatry, Duke University
    The Place of Ethics in the Definition of a Profession
  • Irena Dzurkowa-Kossowska (2009-10)
    Art History, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    Reinventing Historic Styles: Central European Art in the 1920s and 1930s

EA  B  C  D  E  F  G
  • Gerald Early (2001-02)
    English & American Literature, Washington University-St. Louis
    When Worlds Collide: African-Americans in the Age of Integration, 1950-1954
  • Richard M. Eaton (1979-80)
    Oriental Studies, University of Arizona
    Religious Conversion Movements
  • Morris Eaves (1984-85)
    English, University of New Mexico
    William Blake’s Illuminated Books and the Institutions of Memory: A Study of Canon Formation
  • Paulla A. Ebron (2000-01)
    Anthropology, Stanford University
    Making Tropical Africa in the Georgia Sea Islands
  • Abraham Edel (1978-79)
    Philosophy, City University of New York
    Morality and Its Philosophy
  • Laura F. Edwards (2007-08)
    History, Duke University
    The People and Their Peace: The Re-Constitution of Governance in the American South, 1787-1840
  • Robert Roy Edwards (1985-86)
    English, State University of New York at Buffalo
    Chaucer’s Early Narrative
  • Bart D. Ehrman (2009-10)
    Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Literary Forgery and Counter-Forgery in the Early Christian Tradition
  • Susan Einbinder (1999-2000)
    Hebrew Literature, Hebrew Union College
    The Voice From the Flames: The Medieval Literature of Jewish Martyrdom
  • Robin Einhorn (2014–15)
    History, University of California, Berkeley
    Taxes in U.S. History
  • Dyan Heather Elliott (1997-98, 2012-13)
    (1) History, Indiana University: Proving Woman: Female Mysticism and Inquisitional Practice in Late Medieval Europe
    (2) History, Northwestern University: Scandal: A Hidden Force in Medieval Church History
  • Emory Elliott (1979-80)
    English, Princeton University
    Religion and Literature in America before 1820
  • Ralph Elliott (1980-81)
    English, Australian National University
    Thomas Hardy’s English: A Critical and Stylistic Analysis of the Language of His Poetry and Prose
  • David G. Ellis (1991-92)
    English, University of Kent at Canterbury
    Biography of D. H. Lawrence (1922-1930)
  • Maud Ellmann (2007-08)
    English, University of Notre Dame
    Modernist Returns: Recirculation in James, Woolf, Joyce, and Freud
  • Susanna K. Elm (1991-92)
    Ancient History, University of California, Berkeley
    Sozomen’s, Socrates’ and Theodoret’s “History of the Church”: Innovation or Continuity?
  • Gerald Else (1978-79)
    Classics, University of Michigan
    Aristotle’s Theory of Literature
  • Jean Bethke Elshtain (2000-01)
    Political Science, Divinity School, University of Chicago
    Sovereign God, Sovereign State, Sovereign Self
  • James Engell (2010-11)
    English Literature, Harvard University
    Coleridge, A Divided Life Reconciled
  • Laura Engelstein (1997-98)
    History, Princeton University
    Margin of Error: Christian Eunuchs and the Limits of Identity in Tsarist and Soviet Russia
  • James Epstein (1985-86)
    History, Unaffiliated
    The Constitutionalist Idiom: Radical Rhetoric, Reasoning, and Action in England, 1789-1850
  • Lewis A. Erenberg (2003-04)
    History, Loyola University Chicago
    Louis v. Schmeling: Boxing, Race, and Nationalism, 1930s-1950s
  • Edward Erler (1981-82)
    Political Science, California State Coll., San Bernardino
    The Supreme Court and Equal Protection: A Case Study in the Failure of Judicial Statesmanship
  • H. Howard Erskine-Hill (1988-89)
    English, University of Cambridge
    Poetry and Affairs of State
  • Andrew S. Escobedo (2009-10)
    English, Ohio University
    Renaissance Allegories of the Will
  • Gaston E. Espinosa (2011-12)
    Religion, Claremont McKenna College
    Brown Moses: Francisco Olazábal and Charisma, Power and Healing in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
  • Judith A. Evans-Grubbs (1993-94)
    Classics, Sweet Briar College
    Imperial Law and the Roman Familia in the Third Century
  • Theodore Evergates (1994-95)
    History, Western Maryland College
    The Aristocracy in the Country of Champagne, 1100-1300
  • Janet J. Ewald (1993-94)
    History, Duke University
    Crossing the Red Sea: Transport, Slavery, and Free Labor, 1800-1910

FA  B  C  D  E  F  G
  • Genevieve E. Fabre (1996-97)
    English, Universite Paris VII
    African American Ceremonial and Celebrative Culture in Colonial and Antebellum Times
  • Michel J. Fabre (1996-97)
    History, Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle
    The Culture of the Creoles of Color in Louisiana
  • Adam Fairclough (1994-95)
    History, Saint David’s University College
    Black Teachers and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Eugene Falk (1981-82)
    Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Tragedy in France and Germany: Genre and Concept
  • W. D. Falk (1979-80)
    Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The Concept of “Ought” and Its Roots
  • J. Clayton Fant (2008-09)
    Classics, University of Akron
    Marble and the Caesars
  • Molly A. Faries (1990-91)
    Art History, Indiana University
    Monograph on Jan van Scorel
  • Jared Farmer (2009-10)
    History, State University of New York, Stony Brook
    Trees in Paradise: A California History
  • Sarah B. Farmer (2008-09)
    History, University of California, Irvine
    Frenchmen into Peasants: Yearning for Country Life in Twentieth-Century France
  • Judith Brooke Farquhar (2007-08, 2015–16)
    Anthropology, University of Chicago
    (1) Nurturing Life in Transforming Beijing
    (2) Gathering Medicine in the Mountains: Nation, Body, and Knowledge in China’s Ethnic South
  • Beatrice Farwell Duncan (1987-88)
    Art History, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Popular Imagery and High Art in 19th-Century France
  • Constantin Fasolt (1996-97)
    History, University of Chicago
    A Study and Translation of Hermann Conring’s Discursus novus
  • Annegret Fauser (2015–16)
    Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The Politics of Musical Thought, 1918–1939
  • Mary A. Favret (2004-05)
    English, Indiana University
    The Ground of War: Wartime in British Romanticism
  • Frances Ferguson (2003-04)
    English & American Literature, Johns Hopkins University
    Childhood and Citizenship in Political Liberalism
  • Priscilla P. Ferguson (1994-95)
    French & Sociology, Columbia University
    Nineteenth-Century Flaneurs and Twentieth-Century Cultures
  • Robert A. Ferguson (1994-95)
    English & Law, Columbia University
    The Trial in American Life
  • Judith Ferster (1980-81)
    English, Brandeis University
    Chaucer’s Hermeneutics and Its Social Context
  • Lynn Mary Festa (2013–14)
    English, Rutgers University
    All Things Human in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Mark T. Fiege (2005-06)
    History, Colorado State University
    Natural Histories: Retelling Great Stories of the American Past
  • Norman S. Fiering (1978-79)
    History, Institute of Early American History
    (1) Moral Philosophy at Seventeenth-Century Harvard
    (2) Jonathan Edwards’ Oral Thought and Its British Context
  • Kit Fine (2009-10)
    Philosophy, New York University
    Metaphysics of Material Things
  • Leon R. Fink (1990-91)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    America’s “Missing” Social Democrats: Labor Intellectuals in the Progressive Era, 1890-1916
  • Valeria Finucci (2009-10)
    Italian, Duke University
    The Body Natural: Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga and Early Modern Medical Practices
  • Stanley Fish (1991-92, 1997-98)
    English and Law, Duke University
    (1) The Domestic Quarrel
    (2) Settling the Just Bounds between Church and State
  • Nora E. Fisher Onar (2013–14)
    Political Science, Bahçeşehir University, Turkey
    Post-Western Liberalism(s): Sources and Patterns from Istanbul to Beijing
  • Owen Flanagan (2015–16)
    Philosophy, Duke University
    The Geography of Morals: Varieties of Moral Possibility
  • Jennifer L. Fleissner (2011-12)
    English, Indiana University, Bloomington
    Maladies of the Will: Literature as a Symptomatology of Modernity
  • Kate Flint (2007-08, 2015–16)
    (1) English, Rutgers University: Writing and Photography
    (2) History of Art, University of Southern California: Flash! Photography, Writing, and Surprising Illumination
  • Elizabeth F. Flower (1978-79)
    Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
    The Practical as a Philosophical Conception and Its Bases in American Thought
  • Samuel A. Floyd, Jr. (1992-93, 1996-97, 2003-04)
    Music, Columbia College Chicago
    (1) Signifyin(g) Symbol: An Interpretation of Black Music
    (2) Music by Black Composers, 1550-1980
  • Mary Floyd-Wilson (2008-09)
    English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Preternatural Passions: Occult Mentalities and the Everyday in English Renaissance Drama
  • Winfried Fluck (1987-88)
    English, University of Konstanz
    The Changing Functions of Fiction in the American Novel
  • Monika Fludernik (1990-91)
    English, University of Vienna
    Narratology: Theoretical Reflections on Structural, Methodological, and Linguistic Aspects of Narrative Theory. The Example of Free Indirect Discourse
  • Thomas R. Flynn (1991-92)
    Philosophy, Emory University
    Sartre, Foucault and Reason in History: A Study in Comparative Rationalities
  • Jan P. Fokkelman (1990-91)
    Hebrew Literature, State University of Leiden
    Judge, Prophet and King (I Samuel 1-12)
  • Jaroslav T. Folda (1988-89, 1998-99, 2006-07)
    Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    (1) A History of the Art of the Crusaders in the Holy Land: 1099-1291
    (2) The Art of the Crusaders in the Holy Land: 1187-1291
    (3) Crusader Art: An Introduction
  • Franklin L. Ford (1983-84)
    History, Harvard University
    Don’t Forget the Future: History and Looking Ahead
  • P. Gabrielle Foreman (2003-04)
    English & American Literature, Occidental College
    Reading Miscegenation and Homoerotics in Nineteenth-Century Anti-Slavery Literature and Culture
  • Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (1984-85)
    History, State University of New York at Binghamton
    The Mind of the Master Class: The Psychology of Southern Slaveholders
  • Donald Frame (1982-83)
    French, Columbia University
    A New Translation of the Complete Works of Francois Rabelais
  • Nicholas R. Frankel (2001-02)
    English & American Literature, Virginia Commonwealth University
    The Discourse of Decoration: Ornament and Design in Victorian Britain
  • William Frankena (1979-80)
    Philosophy, University of Michigan
    Problems about Morality, Its Nature, and Its Forms
  • Carmela V. Franklin (1990-91)
    History, St. John’s University
    The Persian Monk Magundat-Anastasius in the Latin Tradition
  • John Hope Franklin (1980-82)
    History, University of Chicago
    A Biography of George Washington Williams (1849-1891)
  • Vincent Franklin (1981-82)
    History, Yale University
    The Black Twenties: An Exploration in New Negro Consciousness
  • Jonathan Ernst Freedman (1994-95)
    English, University of Michigan
    The Temple of Culture: Anti-Semitism, Assimilation, and American Literary Intellectuals
  • John David French (1995-96)
    History, Duke University
    The Metalworkers of ABC: Working Class Consciousness, Organization, and Ideology
  • Ernestine Friedl (1985-86)
    Anthropology, Duke University
    Women in Anthropology
  • Edward H. Friedman (1998-99)
    Spanish & Comparative Literature, Indiana University
    “Guzman de Alfarache” and the Development of Narrative Realism
  • Andrea Marie Frisch (2004-05)
    French, University of Southern California
    Classical Amnesia: Forgetting Differences in Early Modern France
  • Ginger Suzanne Frost (2002-03)
    History, Samford University
    “As Husband and Wife”: Cohabitation in Nineteenth-Century England
  • Gladys-Marie Fry (1997-98)
    English, University of Maryland
    “In Them Days Everyone Wore Beads”: A Study of Slave Dress and Bodily Adornment
  • Marilyn Frye (1997-98)
    Philosophy, Michigan State University
    Categories and the Category of Women: A Philosophical Investigation
  • Rachel Fulton (1998-99)
    History, University of Chicago
    From Exegesis to Cult: Biblical Narrative, Historical Imagination, and Medieval Devotion to Christ and the Virgin Mary
  • Lilian R. Furst (1988-89)
    Comparative Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Possible Places in European Realist Fiction from Balzac to Thomas Mann
  • Montgomery Furth (1986-87)
    Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles
    The Pre-Socratics: Fragments and Interpretation

GA  B  C  D  E  F  G
  • Jane M. Gaines (1996-97)
    English, Duke University
    Other/Race/Desire: Early Cinema and Nationhood
  • Kevin K. Gaines (1996-97)
    History & Afro-American Studies, Princeton University
    African American Expatriates in Nkrumah’s Ghana, 1957-1966
  • Catherine Gallagher (2005-06)
    English, University of California, Berkeley
    Undoing: Alternate-History Novels, Counterfactual Histories, and Social Policies in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  • Corinne A. Gartner (2014–15)
    Philosophy, Wellesley College
    Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics: Collective Flourishing
  • Ellen Gruber Garvey (2007-08)
    English, New Jersey City University
    Book, Paper, Scissors: Scrapbooks Remake Nineteenth-Century Print Culture
  • David Barry Gaspar (1984-85)
    History, Duke University
    Africans and Creoles: The Emergence of Afro-Caribbean Slave Revolt in Three Island Societies of the British Caribbean, 1692-1776
  • Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (1988-90)
    Comparative Literature, Cornell University
    The Poetics of Wole Soyinka: Theory and Practice
  • Claire Gaudiani (1980-81)
    French, Purdue University
    Theories of Optics and Light Metaphors: The Impact of the New Science on Literary Expression in Seventeenth-Century France
  • Shannon Noelle Gayk (2014–15)
    English, Indiana University
    Instruments of Christ: The Arma Christi in Early England
  • David Patrick Geggus (1989-90)
    History, University of Florida
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HH  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
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    Classics, University of California, Los Angeles
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    Philosophy & Women’s Studies, University of Michigan
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    A History of the Development of Christian Ethics as a Discipline in America
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    At the Gates of Western Civilization: Islam and the Turks in Central Europe
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    A History of the Sociological Study of Homosexuality in the United States
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    The Life and Times of Hannah Crafts: The True Story of The Bondwoman’s Narrative
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    English, University of Tennessee
    Sacred Biography: Saints and Their Biographers in the Middle Ages
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    Language, Thought, and Reality
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    English & American Literature, Columbia University
    World-Wide Webs: Global Ecology and the Cultural Imagination
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    Free People of Color, Slaves, and Elite Whites in Caribbean Colombia, 1770-1851
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    The Liberal State in America: New York, 1820-1950
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    Crossing Borders: African American Exile and Identity
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    Deep Time and the Prehistoric Turn
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    Classics, Allegheny College
    The New Hyperides in the Archimedes Palimpsest
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    History, University of Southern California
    “When Mercy Seasons Justice”: Pardons and the Constitution in Early Modern England
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    Religion, Case Western Reserve University
    When Jesus Was Aryan: Protestant Theologians in Nazi Germany
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    Germanic Languages, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Colonizing Diaspora: Debating Jewish Emancipation in Germany, 1781-1815
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    History, University of California, Berkeley
    The Law of the Terror
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    History, University of Chicago
    Animal Labor and Colonial Warfare
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    Anthropology, Wake Forest University
    Sri Lanka's Former Global Factory Workers Negotiating New Lives
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    (1) The First Crisis of Modern Liberty: The Parliament of 1628
    (2) Freedom’s Imprint, 1603-1628
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    History, University of California, Irvine
    The Origins of Evangelical Culture in Early America: The First Great Awakening and the Development of Colonial Society, 1735-1775
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    Classics, State University of New York at Buffalo
    Referring to Homer
  • A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. (1993-94)
    Law, U.S. Court of Appeals
    Race and the American Legal Process
  • Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham (1993-94, 2013–14)
    (1) History, University of Pennsylvania: Race, History, and Feminist Theory
    (2) African and African American Studies, Harvard University: The Great Question of Human Rights in American History
  • Catherine Ann Higgs (2012-13)
    History, University of Tennessee
    Sisters for Justice: Religion and Political Transformation in Apartheid South Africa
  • John Higham (1987-89)
    History, Johns Hopkins University
    A Comparative Study of Ethnic Identities in America
  • Christopher Hill (1987-88)
    Philosophy, University of Arkansas
    The Nature of Consciousness
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    History, Bucknell University
    Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Years of Triumph, 1896-1935
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    History, University of California, Los Angeles
    Marcus Garvey and the Black International: A Centennial Biography
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    Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles
    Autonomy and Loyalty
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    History, Purdue University
    Black Women in White: A History of Black Women in the Nursing Profession, 1886-1950
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    Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College
    Family Pictures: Photography and Narratives of Loss
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    Anthropology, Wesleyan University
    The Embassy Bombings Reframed: Constructing Identities, Legal Meanings, and Justice
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    English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    H. L. Mencken: A Critical Biography
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    Romantic Allegory: The Rhetoric and Logic of Transcendental Inquiry in Romantic Literature
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    Art History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Pier Design in Early English Gothic Architecture
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    African-American Studies, Duke University
    Spectacles of Slavery: Marketing the Past in the New Millennium
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    History, University of Virginia
    History of the American Whig Party, 1828-1856
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    Philosophy, Occidental College
    Investigations in Aristotle’s Ethics
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    History, University of Washington, Tacoma
    Black Workers, Martin Luther King, and the Civil Rights Movement
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    Slavic Languages, Stetson University
    Identity and Realism: Russian Women Writers in the Nineteenth Century
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    Economics, University of California, Davis
    Causality in Economics
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    Philosophy, University of Minnesota
    Nicholas of Cusa’s Dialectical Mysticism
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    History, University of Hull
    New Oxford History of England, Vol. XIV: 1846-1885
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    History, Uppsala University
    Prudenti: Machiavelli and Tocqueville on Liberty, Empire, and Justice
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    American Studies, University of Wurzburg
    Autobiography and the Autobiographical Mode in America
  • Daniel Horowitz (1984-85)
    History, Scripps College
    American Intellectuals and the Standard of Living, 1945-1983
  • Donald L. Horowitz (1983-84)
    Law and Political Science, Duke University
    Ethnic Violence, Conflict, and Democracy
  • Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz (1984-85)
    History, Scripps College
    The Life: Student Culture in the Women’s Colleges, 1865-1929
  • Benjamin Hrushovski (1981-82)
    Comparative Literature, Tel Aviv University
    Introduction to the Poetics of Fiction
  • Sally Smith Hughes (2006-07)
    History of Science, University of California, Berkeley
    Genetically Determined: Genentech and the Rise of Commercial Biotechnology
  • Akasha Hull (1994-95)
    English, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Spirituality in African American women’s literature
  • Margaret Ellen Humphreys (2004-05)
    History, Duke University
    The Civil War and American Medicine
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    English, University of Rochester
    The Origins of the English Novel; The Ideology of the Heroic Couplet
  • Jefferson Hunter (1984-85)
    English, Smith College
    Photography and Modern Literature
  • Mary K. Hunter (1991-92)
    Music, Bates College
    Opera Buffa and the Uses of Convention, 1760-1790
  • Phyllis Whitman Hunter (2004-05, 2005-06)
    History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Geographies of Capitalism: Imagining Asia in Early America
  • Torsten Husen (1978-79)
    Education, University of Stockholm
    American Educational Policies toward the Disadvantaged
  • Heather Hyde Minor (2013–14)
    Art History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s Lost Words

IH  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
  • Patricia Clare Ingham (2012-13)
    English, Indiana University, Bloomington
    Medieval New: Innovation, Novelty, History
  • Brad C. Inwood (1995-96)
    Classics, University of Toronto
    Reading Seneca
  • Javier Irastorza-Revuelta (1979-80)
    Economics, University of Madrid
    The Political and Economic Forces behind Inflation
  • Benjamin Henri Isaac (2004-05)
    Classics, Tel Aviv University, Israel
    (1) Corpus of Ancient Inscriptions of Judaea/Palaestina
    (2) Greek and Roman Ideas about Warfare
  • Wolfgang Iser (2000-01)
    English and Comparative Literature, University of Constance, Germany
    Conceptualizations of Culture
  • Jenann T. Ismael (2003-04)
    Philosophy, University of Arizona
    Science, Simplicity, and Symmetry
  • Toshihiko Izutsu (1982-83)
    Oriental Studies, Keio University
    Studies in Islam

JH  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
  • Blyden Jackson (1981-83)
    English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Afro-American Literature: A History
  • John Lester Jackson (2005-06)
    Anthropology, Duke University
    Black Judah: Race, Gender, and the Twelve Tribes of Transnationalism
  • Lawrence Patrick Jackson (2004-05)
    English, Emory University
    A Song in the Front Yard: A Cultural History of African American Writers and Critics, 1935-1960
  • Thorkild Jacobsen (1986-87, 1988-89)
    Sumerian, Harvard University
    Introduction to Sumerian
  • Richard Mark Jaffe (2004-05)
    Religion, Duke University
    Seeking Shakyamuni: World Travel and the Reconstruction of Japanese Buddhism, 1868-1945
  • Sarah S. Jain (2005-06)
    Anthropology, Stanford University
    Commodity Violence: American Automobility
  • Daniel M. James (1997-98)
    History, Duke University
    Memory Tales: Collective Memory and Communal Narratives in an Argentine City
  • Winston Anthony James (2001-02)
    History, Columbia University
    Claude McKay: From Bolshevism to Black Nationalism, 1923-1948
  • Kenneth Robert Janken (2000-01)
    African and Afro-American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Mr. N Double-A C P: The Life of Walter White, 1893-1955
  • Richard C. M. Janko (1990-91)
    Classics, University of California, Los Angeles
    New Fragments of Aristotle’s Literary Theory
  • Henri Janne (1979-80)
    Short term visitor, University Libre de Bruxelles
  • Martin Jay (2005-06)
    History, University of California, Berkeley
    The Ambivalent Virtues of Mendacity: Lying in Politics
  • Myra Jehlen (1985-86)
    English, State University of New York at Purchase
    Archimedes and the Paradox of Feminist Criticism
  • Peter Jelavich (1997-98)
    History, University of Texas at Austin
    Berlin Alexanderplatz: Media Aesthetics, Politics, and the Death of Weimar Culture
  • Randal M. Jelks (2006-07)
    History, Calvin College
    Benjamin Elijah Mays, a Religious Rebel in the Jim Crow South: An Intellectual Biography
  • Douglas M. Jesseph (1993-94)
    Philosophy, North Carolina State University
    The Hobbes-Wallis Controversy
  • Andrew Jewett (2013–14)
    History, Harvard University
    Against the Technostructure: Fearing Science in Modern America
  • Jia Jinhua (2014–15)
    Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Macau, Hong Kong
    Religiosity and Literacy: The Journey of Daoist Priestesses in Tang China (618–907)
  • Jin Di (1992-93)
    English, Foreign Language Institute-Tianjin
    Translation of James Joyce’s Ulysses into Chinese
  • Jiwei Ci (1991-92)
    Philosophy, University of International Business & Econ.
    Conscience: A Study in Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, and Moral Culture
  • David Kenneth Johnson (2014–15)
    History, University of South Florida
    Buying Gay: Physique Magazines, Censorship, and the Rise of the Gay Movement
  • John J. Johnson (1985-86)
    History, University of New Mexico
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LH  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
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MH  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
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NH  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
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    Theoretical Virtues
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    Rembrandt’s “The Oath of the Batavians”
  • Helen North (D.V. 1982)
    Classics, Swarthmore College
    Distinguished Visitor

OH  I  J  K  L  M  N  O
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    Irish Statesman
    The Founding Fathers and the French Revolution
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    History, University of California, Irvine
    The Police, the State, and Civil Society in Nineteenth-Century France
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    Marketing the Renaissance Workshop
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    Politics and Eternity
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    The Apotheosis of James Cook
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    Cultural History of the Atlantic Experience in the Yoruba Hinterland (West Africa), ca. 1550–1830
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    English, Boston College
    On the Queerness of Style: Henry James and the Erotics of Form
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    Experiments in Modern Music: New York in the 1920s
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    A Dark and Dutiful Dyeli: The Poetry of Jay Wright
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    “The Greatest Consciousness-Raising Event in History”: The 1975 International Women’s Year Conference and the Challenges of Transnational Feminism
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    Autobiography and Cultural Anthropology
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    A New Loeb Edition of Athenaeus’ “Learned Banqueters”
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    The Newark: An Ethnographic Study of Class and Culture in the United States
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    Time as Category and Value in Advanced Industrial and Third World societies
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    History, George Fox University
    Beads of Power: Wampum and the Shaping of Early America
  • Alexandra Owen (1998-99)
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    Magic and Modernity in Fin-de-Siècle Britain

PP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
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    History, University of Pennsylvania
    American Views of Race, Class, and Civilization at the Turn of the Century
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    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Africa’s Children: The Preemancipation Experiences of Blacks in the Americas
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    Philosophy, University of Florida
    Parmenides and Presocratic Philosophy
  • Robert Palmer (1979-80)
    History, Yale University
    Education and the French Revolution
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    Journalism, Assistant Editor, Times of India
    Exploring Indian Modernity Through Popular Cinema 1950-1970
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    Anthropology, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
    Religion on the Pre-Colonial Slave Coast and its Atlantic Repercussions
  • Kunal Madhukar Parker (2014–15)
    Law, University of Miami
    Immigrants and Other Foreigners: U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Law, 1600–2000
  • Mark Louis Parker (2001-02)
    English & American Literature, Randolph-Macon College
    Blackwood’s Magazine and the Aestheticization of Knowledge
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    Musicology, University of California, San Diego
    Music, Race, and Colonialism in Fin-de-siècle France
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    Comparative Literature, University of Maryland
    (1) Earthquakes of the Mind
    (2) The Physics of Thought
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    Spanish & Portuguese, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Gendermania: Male and Female Power in Utopian Fiction
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    History, Fordham University
    Italian Vices: The Discourse of National Character, c. 1815-2000
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    English, Rice University
    The Life, Art, and Times of George Cruikshank
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    English, Duke University
    Re-Assessing Holinshed’s Chronicles
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    English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Cultural Interpretation of 18th-Century Scotch-Irish Gravestones in the Carolina Piedmont
  • Richard Patterson (1985-86)
    Philosophy, Emory University
    Aristotle on Essence, Explanation, and Logic
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    Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    A Common Cause: A Unified Account of Causation and Causal Reasoning
  • Frederick Stephen Paxton (2006-07)
    History, Connecticut College
    Sickness, Death and Dying in Early Medieval Europe
  • Elizabeth Anne Payne (2008-09)
    History, University of Mississippi
    Shattering White Solidarity: A History of the Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union
  • James L. Peacock (2003-04)
    Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Exploring Identity in the Global South
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    History, University of Texas-Austin
    White Slavery, American Freedoms: Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the United States, 1850-1925
  • Linda Levy Peck (1991-92)
    History, Purdue University
    Britain in the Age of the Baroque
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    Anthropology, Colgate University
    Sacred Texts and Contested States: The Culture and Political Economy of Malaysia’s Islamic Courts
  • Michael P. Penn (2007-08, 2012-13)
    Religion, Mount Holyoke College
    (1) Imaging Islam: Syriac Christian Responses to the Islamic Conquests
    (2) Syriac Christian Reactions to the Rise of Islam
  • Theda Perdue (2003-04)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Who is an Indian? Native Americans in North Carolina, 1500-2000
  • Chaim Perelman (1979-80)
    Philosophy, University of Brussels
    The Logic of Legal Reasoning
  • Harold Perkin (1982-83)
    History, University of Lancaster
    English Society since 1880, with Special Reference to Citizenship, Property, and Professionalism
  • Shalom Perlman (1986-87)
    Classics, Tel Aviv University
    Isocrates—The Greek Intellectual
  • Anne Perotin (1980-81)
    History, French National Archives
    Privateerism and the Independence of Spanish America, 1810-1830
  • David Peterson (1987-88)
    History, University of Texas at Austin
    Politics, Finance, and Reform: The Church in Florence, 1415-1460
  • Merrill D. Peterson (1980-81)
    History, University of Virginia
    The Great Triumvirate: Webster, Clay, and Calhoun
  • Richard A. Peterson (1989-90)
    Sociology, Vanderbilt University
    Commercialization and Authenticity: The Case of Country Music
  • Henry Petroski (1987-88)
    Engineering, Duke University
    With a Pencil: Essays on Engineering and Culture
  • Ankica Petrovic (1993-94)
    Music, University of Sarajevo
    The Changing Role of Women in Religious Rituals
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    History, Princeton University
    The Rise and Fall of the Calabrian Latifundia, 1806-1896
  • Richard W. Pfaff (1996-97)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    A History of the Liturgy in Medieval England
  • Thomas Pfau (2010-11)
    English & German, Duke University
    Amnesiac Modernity: Conceptual Traditions and the Demise of Responsible Knowledge
  • J. R. Seymour Phillips (1987-88)
    History, University College, Dublin
    The Reign of Edward II of England
  • Edmund Pincoffs (1981-82)
    Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin
    Character: Some Philosophical Essays
  • Gloria Ferrari Pinney (1989-90)
    Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College
    Interpretation of Greek Vases: Image and Function
  • Morgan Pitelka (2011-12)
    Asian Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Sixteenth-Century Losers: A History of Daily Life and Destruction in Ichijodani, Japan
  • Marc Plattner (1983-84)
    Government, U.S. Mission to the United Nations
    Income Redistribution and Economic Justice
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    English & American Literature, Johns Hopkins University
    Portable Properties: The Circulation of Objects in Nineteenth-Century Britain
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    History, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Turbulent Era: Afro-Americans and Foreign Affairs, 1954-1980
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    Comparative Literature, Russian Academy of Science
    The Body and Writing: Strategies of Sensibility in Russian Literature and Art of the 19th and 20th Centuries
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    Philosophy, Moscow State University
    The American Transcendentalist Worldview and the Moral Problems of Citizenship
  • Gianna Pomata (2003-04)
    History, Università di Bologna
    Holy Bodies in Early Modern Medicine and Religion
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    History, University of Kentucky
    (1) History, Historians and Autobiography
    (2) Freedom and Unfreedom in the Age of Revolution
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    History, University College of Wales
    The French Colonial Army, 1830-1962
  • David Lewis Porter (2002-03)
    English, University of Michigan
    China and the Invention of British Aesthetic Culture
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    Classics, University of Pittsburgh
    Fragmentary Republican Latin, vol. VIII, “Lyric, Elegiac and Hexameter Poetry,” a volume to be published in the Loeb Classical Library
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    Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    (1) Law, Community, and Conflict
    (2) The Discipline of Common Reason
  • Richard J. Powell (1995-96)
    Art History, Duke University
    Subjugation and Agency in Nineteenth-Century Images of Blacks
  • Russell A. Powell (2013–14)
    Philosophy, Boston University
    Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity: A Philosophical Exploration of the Biotechnology Revolution
  • Wilfrid Robertson Prest (1998-99)
    History, University of Adelaide
    Going to Law in Early Modern England
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    Musicology, College of William and Mary
    Against the Grain: Women Managers and English Opera in Late Nineteenth-Century America
  • William Prizer (1984-85)
    Music, University of California, Santa Barbara
    Music in Mantua during the Period of Isabella d’Este
  • David Prochaska (1987-88)
    History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    The Colonial City in the Third World
  • Ian N. Proops (2012-13)
    Philosophy, University of Texas, Austin
    Reason’s Fiery Critique: Kant and Rational Metaphysics
  • Michael James Puri (2013–14)
    Musicology, University of Virginia
    Ravel the Cosmopolitan
  • Stephen Pyne (1979-80, 2002-03)
    (1) History, U.S. Forest Service: The Culture of Fire; (2) History, Arizona State University: A Fire History of Canada

QP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • David Beers Quinn (1982-83)
    History, University of Liverpool
    The Roanoke Voyages, 1584-1590

RP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • Eduardo Antonio Rabossi (1992-93)
    Legal Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires
    Redressing the Wrongs: The Judicial Review of Human Rights Violations in Argentina
  • Cynthia Radding (2010-11)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Bountiful Deserts and Imperial Shadows: Corridors of Knowledge and Migration in Northern New Spain (1680-1820)
  • Janice Radway
    English, Northwestern University
    Girls and Their Zines in Motion: Selfhood and Sociality in the 1990s
  • Paul Rahe (1983-84)
    Classics, Franklin and Marshall College
    Republics Ancient and Modern
  • Peter Railton (2010-11)
    Philosophy, University of Michigan
    Toward a Unified Theory of Rationality in Belief, Desire, and Action
  • Jill Raitt (1987-88)
    Religion, University of Missouri-Columbia
    The Colloquy of Montbeliard, 1586
  • Suzanne Raitt (1998-99)
    English, University of Michigan
    The Aesthetics of Waste: Victorian and Modernist Literary Economies
  • Donald J. Raleigh (1991-92)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Civil War on the Volga: Saratov Province, 1918-1922
  • Sumathi Ramaswamy (2013–14)
    History, Duke University
    Global Itineraries: The Indian Travels of a Worldly Object
  • Grant Ramsey (2015–16)
    Philosophy, Independent Scholar
    Toward a Unified Foundation for Evolutionary Theory
  • Barbara Ramusack (1986-87)
    History, University of Cincinnati
    The Indian Princes and Their States
  • Anupama P. Rao (2008-09)
    History and Anthropology, Barnard College, Columbia University
    Caste and the Colonial City: Dalit Life and Labor in Colonial Bombay
  • Joanne Rappaport (2002-03)
    Anthropology, Georgetown University
    Indigenous Public Intellectuals and the Construction of Nationality in Colombia
  • William E. Ray, Jr. (1996-97)
    French, Reed College
    French Fiction and the Cultivation of the Public
  • Andrews Reath (1991-92)
    Philosophy, North Carolina State University
    Kant’s Moral Theory: The Autonomy of the Will as the Foundation of Morality
  • William M. Reddy (1995-96)
    History, Cultural Anthropology, Duke University
    Fiction and Identity in France, 1815-1848
  • Bruce Redford (2004-05)
    English & Art History, Boston University
    Dilettanti: The Antic and the Antique in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • John Shelton Reed (1983-84)
    Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The Anglo-Catholic Movement in the Nineteenth-Century Church of England
  • Todd W. Reeser (2003-04)
    French, University of Utah
    Translating Platonic Sexuality in the Renaissance
  • Donald H. Regan (1989-90)
    Law, University of Michigan
    Agents and Their Ends: Prolegomena to a Doctrine of the Good
  • Tom Regan (1984-85)
    Philosophy, North Carolina State University
    The Moral Philosophy of G. E. Moore
  • Bernard M. Reginster (1999-2000)
    Philosophy, Brown University
    The Affirmation of Life: Nietzsche on Overcoming Nihilism
  • Warren Reich (1982-83)
    Theology and Bioethics, Georgetown University
    Autonomy: The Concept and Its Application to the Patient-Physician Relationship
  • Claude G. Reichler (1997-98)
    French, University of Lausanne
    Ethnographical Mourning
  • Donald Reid (1987-88, 2012-13)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    (1) The Social History of France since 1880
    (2) The Factory Is Where the Workers Are: Constructing Democracy and Community Chez Lip
  • João José Reis (2008-09)
    History, Federal University of Bahia
    Ganhadores: Street Labor in Nineteenth-Century Bahia, Brazil
  • Anna C. S. Ribeiro (2013–14)
    Philosophy, Texas Tech University
    Poetry: Philosophical Thoughts on an Ancient Practice
  • Lucio Riccetti (1992-93)
    History, Independent Scholar, Italy
    From Social History to Spiritual Metaphoir: Orvieto in the Mirror of Its Cathedral
  • Louise Rice (2013–14) Art History, New York University
    Conclusions: Art for the Academic Defense in Seventeenth-Century Rome
  • Mark Richard (1987-88)
    Philosophy, Tufts University
    Semantic Theory and the Interpretation of Psycholgocial Ascriptions
  • Eliza C. Richards (2010-11)
    American Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Correspondent Lines: Poetry and Journalism in the U.S. Civil War
  • John F. Richards (1979-80, 2000-01)
    History, Duke University
    (1) Empire and Society in Western India, 1680-1750
    (2) The Unending Frontier: Early Modern World Environmental History
  • Phillip M. Richards (1993-94)
    English, Colgate University
    The Ideological Origins of African-American Literature
  • Thomas K. Richards (1990-91)
    English, Harvard University
    The Victorian Archive: Knowledge and the State in Imperial Britain, 1870-1950
  • Robert Dale Richardson, Jr. (1999-2000)
    English, Wesleyan University
    An Intellectual Biography of William James
  • Marilynn Richtarik (1998-99)
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    Philosophy, University of Chicago
    (1) The Narrative Function and the Human Experience of Time
    (2) Diction, Narrative, and Time
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    Citizenship from the Greeks to the Age of the American and French Revolutions
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    On the Other Hand: The Ethics of Ambivalence
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    Personal Good
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    Human Singularity
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    Missionaries, Philanthropists and "Valiant Warrior Queens:" From Social Work to Global Activism in Britain, 1914-1950
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    Perspectives in Literature and the Visual Arts, 1660-1800
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    History of Science, Unaffiliated
    A Scientific Biography of Richard Owen (1804-92)
  • Philip Rupprecht (2005-06) Musicology, City University of New York, Brooklyn College
    Avant-Garde Nation: British Musical Modernism Since 1960
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    English, University of Melbourne
    An Edition of the C-Version of Piers Plowman
  • Cynthia Russett (1979-80)
    History, Yale University
    Scientific Attempts to Define Gender Differences in England and America, 1860-1920

SP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • David W. Sabean (2008-09)
    History, University of California, Los Angeles
    Kinship and Incest Discourse in Europe and America since the Renaissance
  • Jonathan Sachs (2014–15)
    English, Concordia University, Canada
    Decline and the Depths of Time in British Romanticism
  • Behnam Sadeghi (2010-11)
    Islamic Studies, Stanford University
    Women in the Public Space: Evolution of Ideas in the First 150 Years of Islam
  • Nayantara Sahgal (1983-84)
    Creative Writing, Unaffiliated
    A Man-Size Cloud (a novel)
  • Paul K. Saint-Amour (2005-06)
    English, Pomona College
    Archive, Bomb, Camera: Modernism in the Shadow of Total War
  • George Saliba (1997-98)
    Arabic & Islamic Science, Columbia University
    Arabic Science in Renaissance France: Guillaume Postel and Arabic Planetary Theories
  • Neal E. Salisbury (1991-92)
    History, Smith College
    First Americans: Indians in North American History to 1800
  • Stephen G. Salkever (2007-08)
    Political Science, Bryn Mawr College
    The Ethics and Politics of Natural Questions
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    Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Speaking in New Tongues: Missionaries and the Conversion of Language
  • Ed Parish Sanders (1993-94)
    Religion, Duke University
    The Economic Significance of Various Temple Systems in the Ancient World
  • Paula Ann Sanders (2002-03)
    History, Rice University
    Making Cairo Medieval
  • David Sanford (1989-90)
    Philosophy, Duke University
    Causation and Mechanism
  • Jack M. Sasson (1994-95)
    Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The Life and Times of Zimri-Lim, King of Mari
  • Elaine Scarry (1979-80)
    English, University of Pennsylvania
    The Language of Physical Pain
  • Elizabeth Sara Schechter (2014–15)
    Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis
    The Other Side: “Split” Brains and Our Selves
  • Nancy Scheper-Hughes (1989-90)
    Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
    Death Without Weeping: Mother Love and Child Death in Northeast Brazil
  • Jutta Schickore (2011-12)
    History of Science, Indiana University, Bloomington
    Hazardous Operations: Experiments with Snake Venom, 1660-1960
  • Brenda D. Schildgen (2005-06)
    Comparative Literature, University of California, Davis
    Heritage or Heresy: Preservation and Destruction of the Cultural and Natural Environment
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    History, Brock University
    Russian Orientalism: Asia in the Russian Mind from Catherine the Great to the Emigration
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    Philosophy, Duke University
    Radical French Cartesianism: Desgabets, Regis, and Constructions of Descartes (1663-1751)
  • Jeffrey T. Schnapp (1991-92)
    Comparative Literature, Stanford University
    Boccaccio and the Institution of Authorship
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    Killer Kings and Moralities of Power: East African Political Culture to the Nineteenth Century
  • Lars Schoultz (1999-2000)
    Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Exploring Political Culture: The United States and the Promotion of Democracy in Latin America
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    History, Yeshiva University
    Subversive Activities: Anticommunism and Political Repression during the 1940s and 1950s
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    German, University of Oklahoma
    Goethe’s Wanderers and the Wandering Jews: Identity, Idolatry, Modernity
  • Philip D. Schuyler (1988-89)
    Music, Columbia University
    The Politics of Tradition: Music and Musicians in San’a'(Y.A.R.)
  • Barry Schwartz (1992-93)
    Sociology, University of Georgia
    Now He Belongs to the Ages: Lincoln in Collective Memory
  • Bill Schwarz (2015–16)
    Cultural Studies, Queen Mary University of London
    Coauthored with Stuart Hall: (1) The Politics of the Cultural Turn, (2) Politics and Culture in the Age of Neoliberalism
  • Samuel Scolnicov (1978-79)
    Philosophy, Hebrew University
    Plato’s Philosophy of Education
  • Anne Scott (1980-81)
    History, Duke University
    Women’s Voluntary Associations in the Making of American Society
  • Donald Scott (1985-86)
    History, Brown University
    The Democratization of Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century America
  • John Beldon Scott (1993-94)
    Art History, University of Iowa
    Architecture of the Shroud
  • Rebecca J. Scott (2010-11)
    History & Law, University of Michigan
    'Mistress of Her Own Person': Contesting Enslavement through Law in the Era of the Haitian Revolution
  • Daniel Scroop (2015–16)
    History, University of Glasgow
    The Politics of Scale in Modern American History
  • Richard A. S. Seaford (1992-93)
    Classics, University of Exeter
    Mystery Cult and Its transformations in the Greek City-State to the End of the Classical Period
  • Thomas Sebeok (1980-81)
    Linguistics and Semiotics, Indiana University
    Animal Communication
  • Eve K. Sedgwick (1991-92)
    English, Duke University
    Marriage Inside Out: Across Genders, Across Sexualities
  • John Seelye (1983-84)
    American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Beautiful Machine: Rivers and the Emerging Republic
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    Classics, Harvard University
    A Literary Commentary on Ovid, Metamorphoses, 10-12 and an Interpretive Essay on the Metamorphoses
  • Robert Alan Segal (1997-98)
    Theory of Religion, Lancaster University
    The Biography of William Robertson Smith
  • John Sekora (1982-83)
    English, Western Illinois U.
    William Wells Brown and the Afro-American Practice of Narrative
  • Martha Ann Selby (2010-11)
    Asian Studies, University of Texas, Austin
    The Semiotics of Gender and Femininity in Sanskrit Medical Literature
  • Christopher Clare Sellers (1999-2000)
    History, State University of New York at Stony Brook
    After the Natural: An Environmental History of the Modern Suburb
  • Mark Seltzer (1990-91)
    English, Cornell University
    Bodies and Machines
  • Bernard Semmel (1986-87)
    History, State University of New York at Stony Brook
    The Idea of Imperialism
  • Stuart Semmel (2005-06)
    History, University of Delaware
    “An Anthropology of Ourselves”: A Cultural and Intellectual History of Mass Observation
  • Neslihan Senocak (2015–16)
    History, Columbia University
    Care of Souls in Medieval Italy, 1050–1300
  • Jon F. Sensbach (2001-02)
    History, University of Florida
    Rebecca’s Revival: The Origins of Afro-Christianity in theAtlantic World
  • Camille Serchuk (2014–15)
    Art History, Southern Connecticut State University
    Realm and Representation: Art, Cartography and Visual Culture in France, 1450–1610
  • Kenneth Severens (1982-83)
    Art History, College of Charleston
    Charleston Antebellum Architecture and Civic Destiny
  • Gilbert Sewall (1981-82)
    Education, Newsweek Magazine
    Basic Education: Past, Present, and Future
  • William H. Sewell (2006-07)
    Political Science & History, University of Chicago
    Eighteenth-Century Capitalism and the Cultural Origins of the French Revolution
  • Biwu Shang (2015–16)
    English, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    Narrative Ethics in Twenty-First-Century Fiction
  • Gary M. Shapiro (1993-94)
    Philosophy, University of Richmond
    Theorizing Vision: The Visual Arts in Recent French Thought
  • Michael Shapiro (1983-84)
    Art History, Duke University
    Marble Carving and American Sculpture
  • Jane Ashton Sharp (2013–14)
    Art History, Rutgers University
    Another Art: Abstract Painting in Moscow after the Thaw
  • Ronald Sharp (1986-87)
    English, Kenyon College
    Keats and the Romantic Idea of Friendship
  • Stephanie J. Shaw (1995-96)
    History & Women’s Studies, Ohio State University
    Resistance and Relations: Female Slaves in the Nineteenth-Century South
  • Anfeng Sheng (2015–16)
    Comparative Literature, Tsinghua University
    National Assimilation and Cultural Resistance: A Study of Contemporary Amerindian Literature
  • George Sher (1980-81)
    Philosophy, University of Vermont
    Morality and the Past: The Role of Past Actions in Determining What Is Just or Right
  • Daniel James Sherman (1999-2000)
    History, Rice University
    De-Civilizing Mission: The French Search for the Primitive, 1945-1975
  • Norman Sherry (1982-83)
    English, University of Lancaster
    The Life and Work of Graham Greene
  • David E. Shi (1982-83)
    History, Davidson College
    The Simple Life: Plain Living and High Thinking in American Culture
  • Sarah D. Shields (2006-07)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Fezzes in the River: Creating and Contesting Identities in Alexandretta
  • Richard Shiff (1985-86)
    Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The “Classic” in Modern Art: A Study of the Critical Evaluation of Artistic Styles
  • Yuichi Shionoya (1993-94)
    Economics, Hitotsubashi University
    A Methodological Study of Schumpeter’s Thought
  • Parker MacDonald Shipton (2008-09)
    Anthropology, Boston University
    Sequence and Circumstance: Order and Violation in East Africa
  • Stephen J. Shoemaker (2013–14)
    Religion, University of Oregon
    The Apocryphal Mary: The Hidden History of Early Christian Devotion to the Mother of Jesus
  • Sydney Shoemaker (1987-88)
    Philosophy, Cornell University
    Subjectivity and the Mental
  • Debora Shuger (1987-88)
    English, University of Michigan
    Lancelot Andrewes and Richard Hooker: A Study in Late Renaissance Thought
  • Jonah Siegel (1998-99)
    English, Harvard University
    The Haunted Museum: The Nineteenth-Century Romance of Art
  • Peter H. Sigal (2004-05)
    History, California State University, Los Angeles
    The Flower and the Scorpion: Sexuality in Early Nahua Culture and Society
  • Larry A. Silver (1991-92)
    Art History, Northwestern University
    The Rise of Pictorial Genres in Sixteenth-Century Antwerp
  • Keith E.G. Simmons (2001-02)
    Philosophy, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    A General Theory of Semantic Paradox
  • Robert Simon (1981-82)
    Philosophy, Hamilton College
    Ethical Principles and International Affairs
  • David Simpson (1984-85)
    English, Northwestern University
    The Politics of Wordsworth’s Poetry
  • Pamela H. Simpson (1996-97)
    Art History, Washington & Lee University
    Cheap, Quick and Easy: Imitative Architectural Materials, 1870-1930
  • John Sitter (1978-79)
    English, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Conversions of Experience in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Writing
  • Kathryn Kish Sklar (1995-96)
    History, State University of New York at Binghamton
    Florence Kelley and the National Consumers’ League
  • Elzbieta Sklodowska (1989-90)
    Spanish, University of Warsaw
    History, Theory and Practice of Spanish-American Documentary Narrative (1960-85)
  • Moshe Sluhovsky (2002-03)
    History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    Possessed Women, Mysticism, and Discernment of Spirits in Early Modern Europe
  • Barbara Herrnstein Smith (1992-93)
    English, Duke University
    Commerce with the Universe: Language, Knowledge, and Belief
  • Bonnie Smith (1984-85)
    History, University of Rochester
    Women’s Contribution to Modern Historiography in England, France, and the United States, 1750-1940
  • D. Vance Smith (1998-99)
    English, Princeton University
    Arts of Possession: Trade, Heraldry, and the Household Romance
  • David L. Smith (1991-92)
    English, Williams College
    Racial Writing, Black and White
  • Erin Ann Smith (2002-03)
    American Studies, University of Texas-Dallas
    Souls and Commodities: Spirituality and Print Culture in 20th Century America
  • Faith Lois Smith (2002-03)
    English, Brandeis University
    Making Modern Subjects: Cultural and Intellectual Formation, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, 1880-1910
  • Harmon Smith (1982-83)
    Theology, Duke University
    The Development of Autonomous Moral Authority in American Christianity
  • Holly M. Smith (2013–14)
    Philosophy, Rutgers University
    Making Morality Work
  • Jay Michael Smith (1997-98)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Status, Class, Identity: Claiming Honor in Eighteenth-Century France, 1740-1792
  • Leonard V. Smith (1993-94)
    History, Oberlin College
    War in Time of Peace: The Book and the Construction of Civilian Memory of World War I in France, 1915-1940
  • Nigel Smith (2007-08)
    English, Princeton University
    The State and Literary Production, c. 1500-c. 1700
  • Robert W. Smith (1992-93)
    History of Science, Smithsonian Institution
    The History of Large Scale Scientific Enterprises
  • Terence E. Smith (2007-08)
    Art History, University of Pittsburgh
    Becoming Contemporary: The Art History of an Idea
  • Daniel C. Snell (1989-90)
    Ancient Near Eastern History, University of Oklahoma
    An Economic and Social History of the Ancient Near East
  • Yasmin Hana Solomonescu (2014–15)
    English, University of Notre Dame
    Romantic Persuasions: Literary Rhetoric, 1770–1840
  • Richard Soloway (1986-87)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Demography and Degeneration: Eugenics and the Declining Birth Rate in 20th-Century Britain
  • Helen Solterer (2002-03)
    French, Duke University
    Playing the Dead: Theatrical Revivals of the Medieval Past in Modern-Day France
  • Fiona Somerset (2006-07)
    English, Duke University
    Feeling Like Saints: Lollard Affect and the Contestation of Holiness, 1370-1550
  • Piotr Sommer (2004-05)
    Poet & Translator, “Literatura na Swiecie” [Warsaw]
    America as the New Center (Changes in the Concept of “the Native” vs. “the Foreign” in Polish Poetry after 1968)
  • Joshua David Sosin (2012-13)
    Classics, Duke University
    A Possession for All Time: Charitable Foundations in the Hellenistic World
  • Patricia Meyer Spacks (1982-83, 1988-89)
    English, Yale University
    (1) Gossip
    (2) The Novel
  • Richard E. Spear (1992-93)
    Art History, Oberlin College
    Guido Reni: A Reappraisal
  • Stephen Spector (1985-86)
    English, State University of New York at Stony Brook
    A Critical Edition of the N-town Plays
  • Hortense J. Spillers (1991-92)
    English, Emory University
    In the Flesh: A Situation for Feminist Inquiry
  • Leo Spitzer (1992-93)
    History, Dartmouth College
    Surviving Memory: Central European-Jewish Refugee Emigration to Bolivia and Its Representation in Individual and Collective Remembrance
  • Claire Sponsler (2013–14)
    English, University of Iowa
    Reading the Beauchamp Pageant
  • Susanne Sreedhar (2011-12)
    Philosophy, Boston University
    Gender and Contract in Early Modern Philosophy
  • Philip A. Stadter (1989-90)
    Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Greek Historical Narrative and the Purpose of the Past
  • Roger A. Stalley (1985-86)
    Art History, Trinity College, Dublin
    Regional Expressions of the Early English Style
  • Kathryn Starkey (2008-09)
    German, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Word, Image, and Identity in Thomasin von Zerclaere’s Book of Conduct
  • Orin R. Starn (2001-02)
    Anthropology, Duke University
    Ishi’s Brain: Anthropologists, Native Americans, and the Life and Death of the Last Yahi Indian
  • Randolph Starn (2003-04)
    History, University of California, Berkeley
    Authenticating the Past: Archives, Museums, Libraries
  • Eva Marie Stehle (2000-01)
    Classics, University of Maryland
    Athenian Women’s Ritual and the City
  • Lance Stell (1982-83)
    Philosophy, Davidson College
    Rights, Groups, and Individualism
  • James P. Sterba (2001-02)
    Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
    Affirmative Action and Practical Ethics
  • Jason W. Stevens (2011-12)
    English, Harvard University
    Contending Secularizations: Religion and American Film, 1934-2004
  • Brenda Stevenson (2015–16)
    History, University of California, Los Angeles
    Fanny’s World of Women: Generations of Enslaved Black Females in North America, 1620–1860
  • Charles W. Stewart (1996-97)
    Ancient History & Anthropology, University College London
    The Historical Anthropology of Dreams in Greece
  • Devin J. Stewart (1995-96)
    Near Eastern Studies, Emory University
    Intertextuality in the Maqamat of al-Hamadhani and Islamic Religious Discourse
  • Jeffrey C. Stewart (1990-91)
    History, George Mason University
    Enter the New Negro: Alain Locke and the Transformation of African-American Culture, 1885-1954
  • Joan Hinde Stewart (1982-83)
    French, North Carolina State University
    French Women Novelists of the Eighteenth Century
  • Mart Allen Stewart (2002-03)
    History, Western Washington University
    Climate and Culture in American History
  • Philip Stewart (1995-96)
    Romance Studies, Duke University
    Translation of Rousseau’s ‘Julie ou la nouvelle Heloise’
  • Lawrence Stone (1990-92)
    History, Princeton University
    (1) Broken Lives: Divorce in England, 1660-1857
    (2) A Nation State at War: Britain 1689-1815
  • Marjorie I. Stone (2010-11)
    English Literature, Dalhousie University, Canada
    Citizenship Formations and Nineteenth-Century Transnationalist Networks
  • Martin Jay Stone (1998-99)
    Law & Legal Philosophy, Duke University
    The Significance of Doing and Suffering: Philosophical Foundations of Tort Law
  • Lucy Carroll Stout (1996-97)
    History, Independent Scholar
    Muslim Family Law in South Asia
  • Jay D. Straker (2010-11)
    African Studies, Colorado School of Mines
    After Sekou: Youth, Vulnerability, and Possibility in Post-Revolutionary Guinea, 1984-2001
  • David G. Strand (1995-96)
    Political Science, Dickinson College
    Sun Yat-sen in the Chinese Republic: A Social History of Political Leadership
  • Sharon T. Strocchia (1998-99, 2015–16)
    History, Emory University
    (1) Nuns and Nunneries in Renaissance Florence
    (2) Cultures of Care: Women, Knowledge, and the Pursuit of Health in Late Renaissance Italy
  • Paul Strohm (1996-97)
    English, Indiana University
    Usurpation and Symbolic Legitimation in Lancastrian England
  • Ellen Frances Stroud (2009-10)
    Environmental Studies, Bryn Mawr College
    Dead as Dirt: An Environmental History of the Dead Body
  • S. Cushing Strout, Jr. (1984-85)
    American Studies, Cornell University
    (1) The Legacy of Jefferson’s Act for Religious Freedom
    (2) The Critical Response to Tocqueville’s Prophecy about Democratic Literature
  • Peter T. Struck (2002-03)
    Classics, University of Pennsylvania
    Divination and Greek Hermeneutics
  • Eleonore Stump (1999-2000)
    Philosophy, Saint Louis University
    Narrative and the Knowledge of Suffering
  • Mary C. Sturgeon (1982-83)
    Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The Sculptures from the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia, Greece
  • Ajantha Subramanian (2011-12)
    Anthropology, Duke University
    Gifted: Knowledge and Value in Indian Technical Education
  • Noel Kimiko Sugimura (2013–14)
    English, Georgetown University
    “Perplexity of Contending Passions”: Milton and His Readers
  • Patricia Ann Sullivan (2001-02)
    History, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute, Harvard University
    Struggle toward Freedom: A History of the NAACP
  • Winnifred F. Sullivan (2006-07)
    Law & Religion, State University of New York at Buffalo
    Prisoners of the Church or the State?: The Impossibility of Dis-Establishment
  • Carol Summers (2003-04)
    History, University of Richmond
    A National Adolescence? Youth Politics in 1940s Buganda (Uganda)
  • Martin A. Summers (2013–14)
    History, Boston College
    Race, Madness, and the State: A History of Saint Elizabeths Hospital and Washington, D.C.’s African American Community, 1855–1987
  • Charlotte S. Sussman (2003-04)
    English & American Literature, University of Colorado at Boulder
    Remembering the Population: British Literature in an Age of Mass Migration, 1660-1838
  • Donald Sutherland (1985-86)
    History, University of Iowa
    An Edition of the Law Reports of the Eyres of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, 1329-31
  • Seiichi Suzuki (2012-13)
    Scandinavian Studies, Kansai Gaidai University
    The Meters of Old Norse Eddic Poetry: Common Germanic Inheritance and North Germanic Innovation
  • Sigrún Svavarsdóttir (2002-03)
    Philosophy, Ohio State University
    Value Concepts and Objectivity
  • Robert Norman Swanson (2009-10)
    History, Birmingham University, UK
    The Parish in Late Medieval England: c1300-c1535
  • James H. Sweet (2006-07)
    History, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Domingos Álvares and the African-Atlantic Diaspora, 1710-1750
  • John W. Sweet (2011-12)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    The Captive’s Tale: Venture Smith and the Roots of the American Republic
  • Carol Symes (2013–14)
    History, University of Illinois
    Public Acts: Performance, Popular Literacies, and the Documentary Revolution of Medieval Europe
  • Jerzy Szacki (1992-93)
    Sociology, University of Warsaw
    Liberalism in Eastern Europe
  • Paul Szarmach (1981-82)
    English, State University of New York at Binghamton
    The Achievement of Aelfric

TP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • Katherine H. Tachau (1993-94)
    History, University of Iowa
    A Study of the Thought of Pierre Aureol, O.F.M. (d. 1322)
  • Timothy Tackett (2000-01)
    History, University of California, Irvine
    Elite Culture and the Origins of the Terror in the French Revolution
  • Shuji Takashina (1981-82)
    Art History, University of Tokyo
    Romanticism in Art and Literature
  • Richard J. A. Talbert (2000-01)
    Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Roman Roads, Maps, and World-View
  • Jacob Talmon (78-9,9-80)
    History, Hebrew University
    The Myth of the Nation and the Vision of Revolution: The Origins of Ideological Polarization in the Twentieth
  • Shemaryahu Talmon (1987-88)
    Religion, Hebrew University
    Literary Patterns and Speculative Thought in the Hebrew Bible
  • Miguel Tamen (2010-11)
    Comparative Literature, University of Lisbon, Portugal
    The Alice Books. An Introduction to Literature and the Arts
  • Claudia C. Tate (1999-2000)
    English & African American Studies, Princeton University
    Who’s That Lady?: Black Female Subjectivity, Sexuality and Femininity
  • Mary Teresa Tavormina (1983-84)
    English, Michigan State University
    Marriage in Piers Plowman
  • Alan S. Taylor (1993-94)
    History, Boston University
    William Cooper’s Town: Power and Persuasion on the Early American Frontier
  • Joseph E. Taylor (2002-03)
    History, Iowa State University
    “Pilgrims of the Vertical”: Yosemite Rock Climbing and Modern Environmental Culture
  • Lewis Taylor (2010-11)
    Sociology, University of Liverpool, UK
    Landlords and Peasants in Peru: The Socio-Economic Organisation of Haciendas
  • Mark Taylor (1982-83)
    Religion, Williams College
    Deconstruction and the Death of God
  • Talbot Jones Taylor (2006-07)
    English & Linguistics, College of William and Mary
    Agency, Reflexivity, and the Problem of Linguistic Order
  • Timothy Dean Taylor (1999-2000)
    Musicology, Columbia University
    Techno on the Fringes: Music, Technology, and Culture
  • William B. Taylor (1990-91)
    History, University of Virginia
    Priest and Parish in Eighteenth-Century Mexico
  • Larry Temkin (1984-85)
    Philosophy, Rice University
    Inequality: An Examination of an Extraordinarily Complex Notion
  • John Jay TePaske (1989-90)
    History, Duke University
    The Coming of Enlightened Despotism to the Viceroyalty of Peru, 1700-1760
  • Robert ter Horst (1982-83)
    Spanish & Portuguese, University of Arizona
    The Fortunes of the Novel: A Study in the Transposition of a Genre
  • Gordon L. Teskey (1990–91, 2014–15)
    (1) English, Cornell University: A Study of Allegory: Problems of Figurative Alterity from Antiquity to the Enlightenment
    (2) English, Harvard University: A New Theory of Shakespearean Mimesis
  • Joan Thirsk (1986-87)
    History, University of Oxford
    The European Horticultural Revolution in the 16th and 17th Centuries
  • Hugh Moody Thomas (1999-2000)
    History, University of Miami
    Ethnic Hostility, Assimilation, and the Triumph of English Identity after the Norman Conquest
  • John L. Thomas (1986-87)
    American Studies, Brown University
    The Metropolis and the Provinces: Perspectives on Post-Frontier America
  • John Philip Thomas (1984-85)
    History, Dumbarton Oaks
    Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents
  • Laurence Thomas (1982-83)
    Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    A Theory of Moral Character
  • Einar Thomassen (1999-2000)
    History of Religions, University of Bergen
    The Spiritual Seed: The Church of the “Valentinians”
  • Dorothy J. Thompson (1993-94)
    Ancient History, University of Cambridge
    The First Hundred Years: A Study in Early Ptolemaic History
  • John A. Thompson (1993-94)
    History, University of Cambridge
    The Ideological Origins of World Power
  • Christian Thorau (2008-09)
    Musicology, University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt
    Guided Listening and the Touristic Gaze-The Emergence of ‘Musical Baedekers’
  • Ralph Larry Todd (2007-08)
    Musicology, Duke University
    Becoming Fanny Hensel: The Life and Music of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
  • Maria N. Todorova (2000-01)
    History, University of Florida
    Bones of Contention: The Making and Meaning of a National Hero
  • Sylvia Tomasch (1991-92)
    English, Carleton College
    The Medieval Geographical Imagination
  • Nancy Jane Tomes (1999-2000)
    History, State University of New York at Stony Brook
    Making the Modern Health Consumer
  • Jane P. Tompkins (1990-91)
    English, Duke University
    A Life in School
  • Charles Townshend (1987-88)
    History, University of Keele
    Public Order and Public Security in Modern Britain
  • Richard C. Trexler (1997-98)
    History, State University of New York at Binghamton
    Playing the Crucified: The Social Drama of Good Friday in Past and Present
  • Michel-Rolph Trouillot (1985-86)
    Anthropology, Duke University
    The World of 1804: Historical Discourse in Haitian Culture
  • Monika Truemper-Ritter (2008-09)
    Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Bathing Culture in the Ancient Greek World
  • Yichao Tu (2014–15)
    Religion, Fudan University
    Mission Beyond Borders: American Churches and the Resurgence of Christianity in China in the Post-Missionary Era
  • Arleen Marcia Tuchman (1995-96)
    History, Vanderbilt University
    Against Sentimentality: The Life and Work of Marie E. Zakrzewska
  • Herbert Frederick Tucker (2000-01)
    English, University of Virginia
    The Proof of Epic in Britain, 1790-1910
  • Mark T. Tucker (1991-92)
    Music, Columbia University
    Duke Ellington’s Compositional Process, 1927-1943
  • Oldrich Tuma (1992-93)
    History, Czechoslovak Academy of Science
    The Anatomy of the Commercial Revolution
  • Henry S. Turner (2010-11)
    English Literature, Rutgers University
    The Corporate Commonwealth: Economy, Technology and Political Community
  • Mark Turner (1989-90)
    English, University of Chicago
  • Leslie R. Tuttle (2010-11)
    History, University of Kansas
    Dreaming in the Age of Reason: Oneirology and Knowledge in the Early Modern French-Speaking World
  • Timothy B. Tyson (2004-05)
    History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Deep River: African American Freedom Movements in the 20th-Century South

UP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • Helen Ullrich (1987-88)
    Medical Anthropology, Unaffiliated
    Cultural Study of Illness: A South India Perspective on Depression
  • Richard W. Unger (2008-09)
    History, University of British Columbia
    Energy, Economy, Environment in Early Modern Europe

VP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • Jean Vache (1995-96)
    English, University Paul-Valery-Montpellier
    Translation of Rousseau’s ‘Julie ou la nouvelle Heloise’
  • Elliot S. Valenstein (1983-84)
    Psychology, University of Michigan
    A History of Psychosurgery
  • James L. Van Cleve (1990-91, 2011-12)
    (1) Philosophy, Brown University: “Things in Themselves” in Kant and Contemporary Philosophy
    (2) Philosophy, University of Southern California: Problems from Reid
  • Raymond Van Dam (1986-87)
    History, University of Texas at Austin
    Cappadocia in the Later Fourth Century
  • Dale Kenneth Van Kley (1989-90)
    History, Calvin College
    The Political and Ideological Origins of the French Revolution, 1750-1792
  • Cornelis A. van Minnen (2009-10)
    History, Roosevelt Study Center, The Netherlands
    Dixie and the Southernization of the United States since the 1970s
  • Eugene A. Vance (1994-95)
    French, University of Washington
    Image and Unlikeness: Icons, Relics and the Poetics of the Sacred in the Middle Ages
  • Jose Varela-Ortega (1980-81)
    History, Ctr. for Iberian & Latin American St.
    The Cuban Crisis and the Philosophy of Army Intervention, 1895-1898
  • Martha J. Vicinus (2000-01)
    English, University of Michigan
    Romantic Friendships: Modern Lesbian Identities, 1800-1930
  • Javier Villa-Flores (2015–16)
    History, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Perjurers, Impersonators, and Liars: Public Faith and the Dark Side of Trust in Eighteenth-Century Mexico
  • Joan Vincent (1986-87)
    Anthropology, Barnard College
    Fermanagh, An Irish County, 1800 to the Present
  • Steven Vincent (1986-87)
    History, North Carolina State University
    French Socialist Thought in the Late Nineteenth Century
  • Ben Vinson (2005-06)
    History, Pennsylvania State University
    The Forgotten Castes: Lobos, Moriscos, Coyotes, and Chinos in Colonial Mexico
  • Joseph S. Viscomi (2006-07)
    English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    In the Caves of Heaven and Hell
  • Gregory Vlastos (1980-82)
    Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley
    (1) Socrates as a Philosophical Moralist and as a Reformer of Greek Morality
    (2) The Philosophy of Socrates
  • Stephen G. Vlastos (1996-97)
    History, University of Iowa
    Radical Agrarianism in Prewar Japan
  • Penny Von Eschen (1996-97)
    History, University of Iowa
    ‘Satchmo Blows Up the World’: Jazz, Race and Empire in the Age of the Cold War

WP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • Patricia Waddy (1984-85)
    Art History, Syracuse University
    Studies in 17th-Century Roman Palace Architecture: Use and the Art of the Plan
  • Judith Walkowitz (2015–16)
    History, Johns Hopkins University
    Feminism and Urban Space in London in the 1970s and 1980s
  • Rebecca L. Walkowitz (2010-11)
    English Literature, Rutgers University
    After the National Paradigm: Translation, Comparison, the New World Literature
  • John N. Wall, Jr. (1980-81, 2013–14)
    English, North Carolina State University
    (1) The Poetics of Persuasion in the English Renaissance
    (2) Hearing Donne: The Experience of Preaching in Early Modern London
  • David J. Wallace (1989-90)
    English, University of Texas at Austin
    Chaucer in Florence and Lombardy: Political History and Poetic Form
  • Di Wang (2006-07)
    History, Texas A&M University
    Public Life under Socialism: Teahouses in Revolutionary and Reformist Chengdu, 1950-2000
  • Jing Wang (1992-93)
    Asian & African Lang. & Lit., Duke University
    Modernism and Humanism: The Chinese Literary Revolution in the Post-Mao Era
  • Aileen Ward (1986-87)
    English, New York University
    A Critical Biography of William Blake
  • Jerry Washington Ward, Jr. (1999–2000)
    English, Tougaloo College
    Delta Narratives: Memory, Testimony, and Social Change
  • Ding Xiang Warner (2004-05)
    Chinese, Cornell University
    Textual Production and the Creation of a Confucian Legacy
  • Maureen P. Warner-Lewis (1993-94)
    Linguistics, University of the West Indies
    Caribbean African-Language Texts: Translation and Cultural-Linguistic Exegesis
  • Georgia C. Warnke (2004-05)
    Philosophy, University of California, Riverside
    After Sex: A Hermeneutics of Race and Gender, Color and Sex
  • Nancy B. Warren (2007-08)
    English, Florida State University
    The Embodied Word: Female Spiritualities, Contested Orthodoxies, and English Religious Cultures, 1350-1700
  • Bernard Mano J. Wasserstein (2002-03)
    History, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK
    Krakowiec: Jews and their Neighbors in a Small Town in Eastern Galicia, 1772-1946
  • John M. Watanabe (1998-99)
    Anthropology, Dartmouth College
    Forging Identities, Citizenship, and the Nation in 19th-Century Guatemala
  • Christopher Waters (1996-97)
    History, Williams College
    Reinventing the Nation: Working-Class Culture & National Identity in 20th-Century Britain
  • George J. Watson (2000-01)
    English, Aberdeen University
    The Ideology of Celticism in Ireland and Scotland
  • Susan V. Webster (2011-12)
    Art History, College of William and Mary
    The Conquest of European Architecture: Andean Masters and the Construction of Colonial Quito
  • Ralph Wedgwood (1998-99)
    Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The Metaphysical Sources of Norms and Values
  • Rachel J. Weil (2006-07)
    History, Cornell University
    A Plague of Informers: Liberty, Credibility and National Security after the English Revolution of 1688
  • E. Roy Weintraub (1988-89)
    Economics, Duke University
    The Creation of Modern Economics: 1935-1955
  • Gennifer S. Weisenfeld (2009-10)
    Art History, Duke University
    Imaging Disaster: Visual Culture in Japan after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake
  • Brad L. Weiss (2003-04)
    Anthropology, College of William and Mary
    Conflicted Fantasies: Popular Cultural Practices in Urban Tanzania
  • James Weiss (1986-87)
    Theology, Boston College
    Biography and Biographers in Renaissance and Reformation Germany
  • Paul Jude Weithman (2000-01)
    Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
    Religion and the Obligations of Citizenship
  • Ellen R. Welch (2013–14)
    French, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Spectacles of State: Diplomacy and the Performing Arts in Early Modern France
  • Carl Wellman (1982-83)
    Philosophy, Washington University
    A General Theory of Rights
  • Alexander Welsh (2008-09)
    English, Yale University
    Meditations on New Comedy and Other Foolishness
  • Richard P. Werbner (2011-12)
    Anthropology, University of Manchester, UK
    Occult Subjectivities, Practical Rhetoric: Divination and the Moral Imagination
  • Paul W. Werth (2007-08)
    History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Arbiters of the Sacred: Religious Toleration and the Civil Order in Imperial Russia
  • Bonna Daix Wescoat (2014–15)
    Art History, Emory University
    The Sanctuary of the Great Gods
  • Hugh West (1986-87)
    History, University of Richmond
    From Tahiti to the Terror: Georg Forster and the Sociological Imagination
  • James L. W. West, III (1981-82)
    English, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State University
    The Profession of Authorship in America, 1900-1942
  • Alexandra Ker Wettlaufer (2007-08)
    French, University of Texas, Austin
    Sisters in the Arts: Representing the Female Artist in Painting and Literature, 1830-1860
  • Annabel Wharton (1985-86; 2002-03)
    Art History, Duke University
    (1) Communicating the Sacred in Word and Image: Continuities from the Third to Fifth Centuries
    (2) Selling Jerusalem: Towards an Historical Economy of Images
  • Luise S. White (1993-94)
    History, University of Minnesota
    Blood and Fire: Rumor and History in East and Central Africa
  • Michael J. White (1988-89)
    Philosophy, Arizona State University
    The Physical World: Three Hellenistic Models
  • Stephen D. White (2012-13)
    History, Emory University
    Violence in Medieval England, 1042-1327
  • Martin J. Wiener (2011-12)
    History, Rice University
    Liberalism and the British Empire
  • Kären Esther Wigen (1999-2000)
    History, Duke University
    Native Places, Global Times: A Century of Regional Rhetoric in Shinano
  • John L. Wilkinson (2007-08)
    English, University of Notre Dame
    Rickett’s Blue
  • Barbara E. Will (2003-04)
    English & American Literature, Dartmouth College
    Unlikely Collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Faÿ, and the Vichy Dilemma
  • Richard James Will (2009-10)
    Musicology, University of Virginia
    Mozart Live: Performance, Media, and Reinvention in Classical Music
  • Anne Williams (2003-04)
    English & American Literature, University of Georgia
    Monstrous Pleasures: Gothic Operas from Horace Walpole to Horror Movies
  • Aubrey Williams (1986-87)
    English, University of Florida
    Emblematic Situation on the Restoration Stage
  • Edward V. Williams (1980-81)
    Music, University of Kansas
    The Bells of Russia: Aural Icons of the Old Regime
  • Heather A. Williams (2007-08)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Information Wanted: Separation and Reunification of African American Families
  • Samuel R. Williamson, Jr. (1982-83)
    History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Austria-Hungary and the War of 1914
  • John M. Willis (2014–15)
    History, University of Colorado, Boulder
    After the Caliphate: Mecca and the Geography of Crisis and Hope
  • David Wills (1980-81)
    Religion, Amherst College
    Documentary History of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1816-1916, and Afro-American Religious Thought
  • Eric Glenn Wilson (2003-04)
    English & American Literature, Wake Forest University
    The Occult Current: A Romantic Poetics of Electricity
  • George M. Wilson (1994-95)
    Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University
    Some Problems of Film Interpretation in the Case of Nicholas Ray
  • John F. Wilson (1992-93)
    Religion, Princeton University
    Religion, Politics and Law in the U.S.
  • R. Jackson Wilson (1984-85)
    History, Smith College
    Authorship, Patronage, and the Public in the United States, 1771-1862
  • James I. Wimsatt (1987-88)
    English, University of Texas at Austin
    Chaucer and His French Contemporaries
  • William C. Wimsatt (2000-01)
    Philosophy, University of Chicago
    Developing Evolution: The Evolution of Generative Structures
  • Caroline Winterer (2003-04)
    History, San Jose State University
    The Mirror of Antiquity: Classicism and Femininity in America, 1770-1900
  • Kwasi Wiredu (1985-86)
    Philosophy, University of Ghana
    God, Mind, and Destiny: Conceptual Issues in an African Philosophy
  • Christopher L. Witmore (2014–15)
    Classics, Texas Tech University
    Old Lands: A Chorography of the Eastern Morea, Greece
  • Ronald Witt (1983-84)
    History, Duke University
    The Origins of Italian Humanism
  • Margery Wolf (1994-95)
    Anthropology, University of Iowa
    Coyote’s Land: An Historical Ethnography of Several Cultures and One Landscape
  • Susan R. Wolf (2012-13)
    Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Values and Well-Being
  • David Bark-yuey Wong (2007-08)
    Philosophy, Duke University
    Chinese Philosophy, Moral Psychology, and Practical Reason
  • Deborah A. Wong (2005-06)
    Ethnomusicology, University of California, Riverside
    Big Beats: Taiko in Asian American California
  • Dorothy C. Wong (2011-12)
    Art History, Fine Arts, Architecture, University of Virginia
    Formation of an International Buddhist Art Idiom in East Asia, c. 640-760
  • Michael G. Wood (2008-09)
    English and Comparative Literature, Princeton University
    Proust’s Affair: Fantasies and Fictions of the Dreyfus Case
  • Harold Woodman (1983-84)
    History, Purdue University
    The Transformation of the Southern Economy, 1861-1920
  • Martha Woodmansee (1982-83)
    German and English, Northwestern University
    The Institution of Literature
  • Carl Woodring (1987-88)
    English, Columbia University
    Nature and Art in Nineteenth-Century England
  • Nan Elizabeth Woodruff (2014–15)
    History, Pennsylvania State University
    Legacies of Everyday Struggle: History, Memory, Trauma in the Contemporary South
  • Marjorie Curry Woods (1999-2000)
    English, University of Texas, Austin
    Rhetoric in the Medieval Classroom
  • Michael J. Woods (1990-91)
    Philosophy, Oxford University
    (1) Introduction to Philosophical Logic
    (2) Aristotle
  • Joanna Woods-Marsden (1995-96)
    Art History, University of California, Los Angeles
    The Construction of Artistic Identity: Self-Portraiture and the Social Status of the Artist in the Renaissance
  • Cecil Wooten (1980-81)
    Classics, Indiana University
    The Style of Demosthenes
  • Isabel Wunsche (2007-08)
    Art History, International University Bremen, Germany
    Organic Visions in Modernism: The Organic School of the Russian Avant-Garde
  • Bertram Wyatt-Brown (1989-90, 1998-99)
    History, University of Florida
    (1) The Percy Legend: Depression, Honor, and Creativity in a Southern Family
    (2) Melancholy’s Children: Southern Writers and Alienation
  • Sylvia Wynter (1980-81)
    Spanish and Portuguese, Stanford University
    Uncle Tom Revisited–The Stock Characterization of the Negro in Western Literature
  • Edith Wyschogrod (1980-81)
    Philosophy, City University of New York-Queens College
    Mass Death and Human Finitude in Scheler, Heidegger, and Sartre

YP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • Stephen Joseph Yablo (1995-96)
    Philosophy, University of Michigan
    Causal Powers
  • Zhouhan Yang (1988-89)
    Comparative Literature, Peking University
    A Study of Baroque Literature
  • Robert F. Yeager (1986-87)
    English, Warren Wilson College
    Classicism as an Ideal for Style in Late Medieval British Literature
  • Ruth B. Yeazell (2008-09)
    English, Yale University
    A Short History and Theory of Picture Titles
  • Tomiko Yoda (2008-09)
    Asian Studies, Duke University
    Girl Time: Gender, Media, and Postmodern Consumer Culture in Japan
  • Susan Lee Youens (2003-04)
    Musicology, University of Notre Dame
    Heine and the Lied
  • Nancy Yousef (2006-07)
    English, City University of New York, Baruch College
    Intimacy: Sympathetic Endeavor in Ethics, Narrative, and Psychoanalysis
  • Jiyuan Yu (2003-04)
    Philosophy, State University of New York at Buffalo
    Comparing Virtues: Aristotle and Confucianism
  • Kejia Yuan (1981-82)
    Comparative Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
    A Study of Western Modernist Literature

ZP  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
  • Perez Zagorin (1978-79)
    History, University of Rochester
    A Comparative Study of Revolution in Early Modern Europe
  • Muhammad Q. Zaman (2000-01)
    Religious Studies, Brown University
    Paths of Religious Change: Islam and the "Ulama" in the Modern World
  • Mas’ud Zavarzadeh (1981-82)
    English, Syracuse University
    The Poetics of Innovative American Fiction
  • Lawrence M. Zbikowski (2003-04)
    Musicology, University of Chicago
    Toward a Cognitive Grammar of Music
  • Dawei Zhang (2014–15)
    Journalism & Communication, Fudan University, China
    E-Book and Knowledge Ecology in the Digital Era: Production, Dissemination, Consumption and Regulation
  • Zhilian Zhang (1990-92)
    History, Peking University
    A History of Western Historiography for Chinese Readers
  • Jinglun Zhao (1984-85)
    Journalism, Unaffiliated
    The Relevance of America’s Political System to China’s Political Modernization
  • Alexander Zholkovsky (1990-91)
    Slavic Languages, University of Southern California
    Text Counter Text: Rereadings in Russian Literary History
  • Zhou Bing (2015–16)
    History, Fudan University
    What History Will Be: To Do History in a Digital Age
  • Zhu Hong (1991-92)
    English, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
    (1) Images of Women in Contemporary Chinese Fiction
    (2) Sexual Politics in Contemporary Chinese Fiction
  • Katherine Zieman (2010-11)
    English Literature, University of Notre Dame
    Richard Rolle and His Readers: Defining the Literary in the Fifteenth Century
  • Madeline C. Zilfi (2005-06) History, University of Maryland
    Slavery and Society in the Late Ottoman Middle East
  • Ernest A. Zitser (2011-12)
    Librarian for Slavic and East European Studies at Duke University Libraries
    The “Vita” of Prince Boris Ivanovich Korybut-Kurakin: An Annotated Translation
  • Alex Zwerdling (1992-93)
    English, University of California, Berkeley
    ‘Improvised Europeans’: American Literary Expatriates and the Anglo-Saxon Legacy