Christopher Nelson, 2012–2013 | National Humanities Center

Christopher Nelson (NHC Fellow, 2012–13)

Project Title

Dreaming of the Dragon King: Trauma, Madness and Creative Action in Contemporary Japan

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2012–13

Christopher Nelson wrote three chapters of his book Dreaming of the Dragon King: The Rhythms of Everyday Life in Contemporary Japan. He finished “You Were Right About the Stars: Reading the Patterns of the Everyday in Postwar Okinawa” for Spaces of Possibility, a special issue of the journal boundary2, and revised “Dances of Memory, Dances of Oblivion: The Politics of Performance in Contemporary Japan” for Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus. He continued work on a translation of Koryūkyū, a collection of essays by Iha Fuyū.