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Claudia Koonz (NHC Fellow, 1993–94)

Project Title

Race, Eugenics and Gender in Nazi Social Politics

Duke University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1993–94

Claudia Koonz wrote "Nazi Racial Improvement and German Women," to be published in a German journal, and completed an essay on "A Gendered Public Memory of Nazism in German Film" that will appear in an anthology on Atrocity and Memory, edited by Leonardo Paggi. For her book-length project on Race, Eugenics, and Gender in Nazi Social Politics, she completed a number of chapters: "The Nazi Moral Revolution," "Genetic Purification: Binary Theory and Fuzzy Praxis," "Catholic and Protestant Health Care and Racial Improvement," and "Reactionary Aesthetic and Racial Purity." She also reviewed Rath's new biography of Josef Goebbels for the New York Times Book Review.