D. Mark Possanza, 2015–2016 | National Humanities Center

D. Mark Possanza (NHC Fellow, 2015–16)

Project Title

"Fragmentary Republican Latin: vol. viii, Lyric, Elegiac and Hexameter Poetry," a volume to be published in the Loeb Classical Library

University of Pittsburgh

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2015–16

D. Mark Possanza completed and submitted the manuscript for The Latin Poems of Ludovico Ariosto: text and translation, co-written with Dennis Looney, forthcoming from Harvard University Press. He also made substantial progress on Fragmentary Republican Latin, vol. VIII, Lyric, Elegiac and Hexameter Poetry, a volume under contract with Harvard University Press in the series Loeb Classical Library. He also drafted three articles: "Here comes the moechus caluos: triumphal verses for Caesar reconsidered (Courtney p. 483, fr. 2; Blänsdorf p. 195, fr. 3);" "That Heaven of Invention: Myth and Science in Aratus's Phaenomena;" and "Cicero on the Nature of Things: Urania's Civic Discourse in the de consulatu."