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Elizabeth S. Manley (NHC Fellow, 2021–22)

Project Title

Imagining the Tropics: Women, Tourism, and Caribbean Island Fantasy, 1890–1980

Xavier University of Louisiana

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Manley, Elizabeth S.

Fellowship Work Summary, 2021–22

Elizabeth S. Manley spent most of her fellowship year working on her second book project, Imagining the Tropics: Women and the Development of Caribbean Tourism (1890–1980). In addition to researching and writing the final two chapters, she gathered and reviewed a vast array of new sources on post-war tourism, revised several earlier chapters, and wrote an essay draft on the general history of Caribbean tourism for the forthcoming Cambridge History of the Caribbean (eds. Edward Rugemer, Kristen Block, Anne Eller, and Matthew Smith). She completed final revisions of an article for the Hispanic American Historical Review (May 2022) entitled “Runway Hospitality: Air Jamaica’s ‘Rare Tropical Birds’ and the Embodied Gender and Race Politics of Tourism (1966–1980).” She also presented several talks and conference papers on this new project. In addition, Manley contributed as both an author and editor to a special issue of the bilingual journal Estudios Sociales in the Dominican Republic, entitled "Memories of Authoritarianism," which was published just as her first book, The Paradox of Paternalism: Women and Authoritarian Politics in the Dominican Republic, was re-released in paperback in spring 2022.