Thomas D. Christiano, 1999–2000 | National Humanities Center

Thomas Christiano (NHC Fellow, 1999–00)

Project Title

Philosophical Foundations of Democracy

University of Arizona

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1999–00

Thomas Christiano completed most of his book project on the philosophical foundations of democracy. He wrote a number of essays, all of which have been accepted for publication, including “Waldron on Law and Disagreement,” for Law and Philosophy; “Knowledge and Power in the Justification of Democracy,” for Australasian Journal of Philosophy; “Cohen on Incentives, Inequality and Egalitarianism,” to appear in Ethics and Economics, edited by Julian Lamont, Christi Favor, and Gerald Gaus (Buffalo: Humanities Press); “Is Democracy Merely a Means to Justice?” as part of Papers on Philippe Van Parijs’s Political and Economic Thought, edited by Andrew Williams (MacMillan Press); and an entry on “Democracy,” for the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Elseviers). He drafted two other essays: “Rawls’s Argument for Toleration,” and “Arguing for Equality of Condition.”