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Orville Vernon Burton (NHC Fellow, 1994–95)

Project Title

Localism and Nationalism in the Confederacy: Community in Crisis

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1994–95

Orville Vernon Burton drafted three chapters and researched four others for his book, "As Sparks Fly Upward": Confederate Community in Crisis, and focused on a chapter about the Voting Rights Act for his book on race and the law. He wrote three pieces that will appear in collections: "Benjamin E. Mays: Born to Rebel," for Walking Integrity: Benjamin Elijah Mays: Mentor to Generations (Scholars Press of Emory University, 1995), edited by Lawrence Edward Carter, Sr.; "The Development of Tenantry in the Reconstruction South," for Varieties of Southern History: New Essays on a Region and Its People (Greenwood Press, 1995), edited by John Salmond and Bruce Clayton; and "The Slave Family, Sexuality, and Demography in Edgefield," for a volume of papers presented at a conference on Family and Slavery in the Americas sponsored by the University of Montreal. He made progress on editing Renaissance in Social Science Computing (University of Illinois Press) and worked on developing a CD-ROM which will contain this volume of essays as well as illustrative interactive materials.