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Melissa Bailes (NHC Fellow, 2020–21)

Project Title

Romantic Botany: Time, Empire, and Ineffability in British Literature, 1750-1830

Tulane University

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Melissa Bailes

Fellowship Work Summary, 2020–21

Melissa Bailes fully drafted her manuscript, Disrupting Romanticism: Botany, Sensibility, and Originality in British Literature, 1750-1830, which is currently under consideration by a university press. She also researched, drafted, or revised several chapters for forthcoming edited volumes: “Centlivre’s Frankenstein: Science, Authorship, and Monstrous (Re)Productions in A Bold Stroke for a Wife” for Eighteenth-Century Science and Storytelling, edited by David Alff and Danielle Spratt (UVA Press, forthcoming); “Oliver Goldsmith: Natural History and Science” for Oliver Goldsmith in Context, edited by David O’Shaughnessy and Michael Griffin (Cambridge UP, forthcoming 2023); “‘Most Punctual’ Birds: Migration, Time, and Socio-Ecology in Eighteenth-Century Britain” for Natures of Enlightenment, edited by Peter Denney and Lisa O’Connell (Cambridge UP, forthcoming 2022 or 2023).