Barbara Weiden Boyd, 2014–2015 | National Humanities Center

Barbara Weiden Boyd (NHC Fellow, 2014–15)

Project Title

Ovid's Homer: Tradition, Authority, and Epic Reception

Bowdoin College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2014–15

Barbara Weiden Boyd completed drafts of five chapters of her book Starting from Homer: Tradition, Authority, and Epic Reception in Ovid’s Poetry and wrote “Ovidian Encounters with the Embassy to Achilles (Homer, Iliad 9)” for publication in Paideia: Rivista di filologia, ermeneutica e critica letteraria. She revised “Ovid’s Circe and the Power of carmina in the Remedia amoris” for Roman Literary Cultures and “Repeat after Me: Lessons Learned and Not Learned in Ovid’s Revisions of a Homeric Tale (The Loves of Venus and Mars in Ars amatoria 2 and Metamorphoses 4)” for a volume of essays on Ovidian repetition.