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Nigel Smith (NHC Fellow, 2007–08)

Project Title

The State and Literary Production, c. 1500-c.1700

Princeton University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2007–08

Nigel Smith drafted four chapters of The State and Literary Production in Early Modern Europe. He completed work on two books: Is Milton Better Than Shakespeare? (Harvard University Press, 2008), and Andrew Marvell: A Biography (Yale University Press, forthcoming 2009). He completed "Windmills over Oxford: Quixotic and Other Subversive Spanish Narratives in England, 1606-54" for the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (forthcoming); completed and revised "Andrew Marvell" for The Cambridge Companion to English Poetry (forthcoming); revised "Poetry, Heresy and Place" for Community-Making and Cultural Memory: Literature and Religion, 1558-1689 (Ashgate, forthcoming); and completed "Heresy in Paradise Lost" and "The Anti-Episcopal Tracts" for The Oxford Handbook to Milton which he coedited (forthcoming 2009). He co-organized a conference on "Mysticism, Reform, and the Birth of Modernity," held at Princeton University, and is coediting a volume of the conference proceedings.