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James A. Henretta (NHC Fellow, 2002–03)

Project Title

The Liberal State in America: New York, 1820-1950

University of Maryland

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2002–03

James A. Henretta completed eight of twelve chapters and drafted two additional chapters of his book The Liberal State in America: New York, 1820-1970. He also wrote an article on "Isaac Sherman and the Trials of Gilded Age Liberalism" for American Nineteenth Century History, vol. 4 (May/June 2003); an article on "Magistrates, Lawyers, Legislators: The Three Legal Systems of Early America" for the Cambridge History of American Law, ed. Christopher Tomlins and Michael Grossberg (forthcoming); an entry on "Liberalism" (in New York) for The Encyclopedia of New York State (Syracuse University Press, forthcoming); a review of Martin Bruegel, Farm, Shop, Landing: The Rise of a Market Society in the Hudson Valley, 1780-1860 for the American Historical Review, vol. 108, no. 3 (2003); and a review of Mark Hulliung, Citizens and Citoyens: Republicans and Liberals in America and France, for the Pennsylvania Magazine of History (forthcoming, 2003).