Laurent Dubois, 2008–2009 | National Humanities Center

Laurent Dubois (NHC Fellow, 2008–09; 2016–17)

Project Title, 2008–09

The Banjo: A Cultural History

Duke University

Project Title, 2016–17

Katherine Dunham: An Afro-Atlantic Itinerary

Duke University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2008–09

Laurent Dubois began work on The Banjo: A Cultural History, under contract with Harvard University Press, and wrote a chapter on "The Banjo in the Caribbean" for an edited volume, The Banjo: Roots and Branches. He completed the introductory material for Origins of the Black Atlantic (Routledge Press, 2009), which he coedited, and wrote an essay on "Slavery in the Age of Revolution" for The Routledge Slavery Reader. He also completed Soccer Empire: France and the World Cup (University of California Press, forthcoming 2010).

Fellowship Work Summary, 2016–17

Laurent Dubois completed a book he coauthored with Richard Turits, Caribbean Histories (University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming). He wrote six of seven chapters for The Language of the Game: How to Understand Soccer (Basic Books, 2018) and began research and the introduction for his book Katherine Dunham: An Afro-Atlantic Itinerary. He also worked on two coedited collections under contract with Duke University Press: The Haiti Reader and The Struggle for Life Is the Matter: The Writings of Fernando Coronil.