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Bernard Gert (NHC Fellow, 2001–02)

Project Title

Hobbes and Human Nature

Dartmouth College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2001–02

Bernard Gert revised and finished writing his book entitled Common Morality. He wrote a chapter entitled "Pleasure and Pain" for his book Human Nature: A Philosophical Investigation, and a chapter called "Hobbes on Language, Epistemology, and Metaphysics" for his book, Thomas Hobbes: Philosopher of Peace, which will also be published in Hobbes Studies. For a volume he is revising, with Charles M. Culver, entitled Bioethics: A Systematic Approach, he wrote a chapter on abortion, and another one on mental disorders that will also be published in A Companion to the Philosophy of Psychiatry. He prepared an entry on the "Definition of Morality" for the on-line publication, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. He wrote an article entitled "Does Bioethics Provide a Challenge to Moral Theory?" that will appear in the American Philosophical Association Newsletter (spring 2003) and will also be part of a book, Do Ethical Theory and Bioethics Have Anything to Teach Each Other?, edited by Robert Baker (Elsevier Science Publishers, Advances in Bioethics Series). He wrote an entry on "Values and Health Care" that will be published in the Encyclopedia of Bioethics.