Gaurav Desai (NHC Fellow, 2001–02; 2009–10) | National Humanities Center

Gaurav Desai (NHC Fellow, 2001–02; 2009–10)

Project Title, 2001–02

Under Erasure: "Culture" and the Diasporic Imaginary

Tulane University

Project Title, 2009–10

Post-Manichean Aesthetics: Africa and the South Asian Imagination

Tulane University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2001–02

Gaurav Desai spent the year researching and writing his book, tentatively titled Under Erasure: “Culture” and the Diasporic Imaginary. In addition, he edited a special issue of the journal South Atlantic Quarterly (vol. 100, no. 4 [fall 2001]) on the topic of “Culture and the Law,” for which he wrote “Introduction: Culture before the Law,” and served as coeditor of a special issue, on “Multi-Ethnic Literatures and the Idea of Social Justice,” of the journal MELUS, which is scheduled to appear in 2003.

Fellowship Work Summary, 2009–10

Gaurav Desai completed all but one chapter of his book Post-Manichean Aesthetics: Africa and the Indian Imaginary.