Frances Hasso, 2018–2019

Project Title:

Palestinian Perinatal and Young Child Death during the British Mandate

Duke University

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Frances Hasso

Fellowship Work Summary

Frances S. Hasso (Delta Delta Delta Fellow, fall semester) conducted extensive research and analysis for her book Calculating Life and Death: Eugenics, Reproduction and Birth Control in Historic Palestine. She revised and published “Decolonizing Men and Masculinities Scholarship: An Axiomatic Approach” for Arab Studies Journal Online (October 15, 2018), which was republished in Jadaliyya (October 22, 2018). She finalized “Masculine Love and Sensuous Reason: The Affective and Spatial Politics of Egyptian Ultras Football Fans” for Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography (vol. 25, no. 10, October 2018). She wrote “Generations,” the preface essay for the final thematic issue of Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies (vol 14, no. 3, November 2018), which she conceptualized and edited. Hasso is associate professor of gender, sexuality and feminist studies, history, and sociology at Duke University.