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Nelson H. Minnich (NHC Fellow, 2004–05)

Project Title

The Fifth Lateran Council (1512-1517)

Catholic University of America

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2004–05

Nelson H. Minnich completed two chapters and began work on a third for a projected book on the Fifth Lateran Council to be published by Ferdinand Schöningh in Paderborn, Germany. He wrote an introduction and compiled a critical edition of the principal decrees of the Fifth Lateran Council to be published in the 4th edition of Conciliorum oecumenicorum decreta, edited by Giuseppe Alberigo and Alberto Melloni (Istituto per le scienze religiose, forthcoming), and a chapter, "From Constance to Trent: A Historical Overview," for The Church, the Councils, and Reform: Lessons from the Fifteenth Century, edited by Gerald Christianson, Thomas M. Izbicki, and Christopher M. Bellitto (forthcoming). He compiled a lengthy index for Controversies: Responsio ad epistolam paraeneticam Alberti Pii, Apologia adversus rhapsodias Alberti Pii, Brevissima scholia, vol. 84 of Collected Works of Erasmus, edited by Nelson H. Minnich, translated by Daniel Sheerin, and annotated by Nelson H. Minnich and Daniel Sheerin (University of Toronto Press, 2005). In addition, he revised a talk he gave, "The Official Edition (1521) of the Fifth Lateran Council (1512-17)," for publication in the Proceedings of the Twelfth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, Washington, D.C., 2-7 August 2004, edited by Uta R. Blumenthal and Kenneth J. Pennington (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, forthcoming).