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Audrey L. Anton (NHC Fellow, 2018–19)

Project Title

Aristotle's Vice

Western Kentucky University

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Audrey Aunton

Fellowship Work Summary, 2018–19

Audrey L. Anton drafted three chapters and restructured the remainder of her work in progress Aristotle’s Vice. In addition, she wrote several chapters for edited volumes: “Regret as a Reactive Attitude: The Conditions of Responsibility and Revision,” forthcoming in The Moral Psychology of Regret, edited by Ana Gotlib (Rowman & Littlefield International); “The Harmony of To Kalon and the Dissonance of To Kakon in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics” in Looking at Beauty To Kalon in Western Greece: Selected Essays from the 2018 Symposium on the Heritage of Western Greece, edited by Heather L. Reid and Tony Leyh (Parnassos Press, 2019); “Aristotle on Moral Motivation and the Importance of Politics” in The Philosophy of Aristotle, Vol. 2, edited by Konstantine Boudouris and Leonides Bargeliotes (Ionia Publications, 2018); and “Willing, Unwilling and Binding Addiction” in An Anthology of Philosophical Studies: Proceedings of the International Philosophical Conference, Vol. 12, edited by Patricia Hanna (2018).