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Katherine K. Preston (NHC Fellow, 2009–10)

Project Title

Against the Grain: Women Managers and English Opera in Late-Nineteenth-Century America

College of William & Mary

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2009–10

Katherine K. Preston completed two chapters of her book Against the Grain: Women Managers and English Opera in Late Nineteenth-Century America, and conducted related research. She completed the introduction to Emily's Songbook: Popular Music in 1850s Albany (A-R Editions, 2010), which she is coediting, and contributed a number of entries for the second edition of the New Grove Dictionary of American Music (Oxford University Press). In addition, she worked on George F. Bristow's Symphony No. 2 ("Jullien"): A Critical Edition, a volume in the series Music of the United States of America (A-R Editions, 2011).