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Laura F. Edwards (NHC Fellow, 2007–08)

Project Title

The People and Their Peace: The Re-Constitution of Governance in the American South, 1787-1840

Duke University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2007–08

Laura F. Edwards revised eight chapters and wrote the conclusion for The People and Their Peace: Governance in the Post-Revolutionary South (University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming 2009). She wrote “Inside and Outside the Plantation Household: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and Southern Women’s History” for a special issue of American Nineteenth Century History, in honor of the scholarship of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (forthcoming 2009), and “The Forgotten Legal World of Thomas Ruffin: The Power of Presentism in the History of Slave Law” for the North Carolina Law Review (forthcoming 2009). She also contributed “Down from the Pedestal: The Influence of Anne Scott’s Ladies on Southern Women’s History,” for a volume honoring Anne Scott, edited by Elizabeth Payne (University Press of Mississippi, forthcoming).