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Lisa Jane Graham (NHC Fellow, 2003–04)

Project Title

The Economy of Pleasure in Eighteenth-Century France

Haverford College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2003–04

Lisa Jane Graham wrote one of five chapters and drafted sections of two others for her book The Economy of Pleasure in Eighteenth-Century France and finished revising an article titled "Scandal: Law, Literature and Morality in the Early Enlightenment" to be published in a special volume of the journal Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century called "The Interdisciplinary Century" (forthcoming 2005). In addition, she prepared a review of Carol Blum's Strength in Numbers: Population, Reproduction, and Power in Eighteenth-Century France for the Journal of Interdisciplinary History and a review of Renee Winegarten's Accursed Politics: Some French Women Writers and Political Life, 1715-1850 for H-France.