Martin A. Berger, 2015–2016 | National Humanities Center

Martin A. Berger (NHC Fellow, 2015–16)

Project Title

Inventing Stereotype: Race, Art, and 1920s America

University of California, Santa Cruz

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2015–16

Martin A. Berger researched and wrote two chapters of his new book, Inventing Stereotype: Race, Art, and 1920s America. He also wrote an article “Civil Rights Photography and the Politics of Whiteness” for רבעון להיסטוריה זמנים = Zmanim, A Historical Quarterly, which is being translated into Hebrew for publication and a catalog entry “A Street in Albany, GA, 1962” for Santa Barbara Museum of Art: Seventy-Five Years of Collecting (Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Museum of Art, forthcoming fall 2016).