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Carolyn Higbie (NHC Fellow, 2003–04)

Project Title

Referring to Homer

University at Buffalo

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2003–04

Carolyn Higbie worked on a book, The Lindian Chronicle and the Greek Creation of Their Past (Oxford University Press, 2003); a chapter called "Hellenistic Mythography," to appear in the Cambridge Companion to Classical Mythology; and entries on "Timachidas," "Aristion," and "Gorgon" for a new edition of Fragments of the Greek Historians (Brill, forthcoming). She wrote two papers that will appear in volumes of conference proceedings: "The Lindian Chronicle and the Documentation of Sources," for the conference on "Archives in the Ancient Near East," held at Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium; and "Greek Archaeology?" for the conference of the International Archaeological Congress, held in Boston.