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Joan Neuberger (NHC Fellow, 2020–21)

Project Title

Global Eisenstein: Immersion in Nature, Art, and the World 

The University of Texas at Austin

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Joan Neuberger

Fellowship Work Summary, 2020–21

Joan Neuberger drafted the introduction and first two chapters of her work in progress, Eisenstein and Nature: Immersion, Montage, and Socialism. She presented papers at NYU and UNC, the text of which forms the basis for another chapter. She did the first round of editing of the fifty (short) essays that will comprise her coedited book, Picturing Russian Empire (under contract with Oxford University Press). She organized an international (Zoom) conference with participants from Russia, Australia, Latin America, western Europe, and the U.S., on Sergei Eisenstein’s book, Method, which is also one of the major sources for the fellowship-year project. Her presentation at the conference combined digital mapping and digital text analysis of Method.