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Laura T. Murphy (NHC Fellow, 2017–18)

Project Title

The New Slave Narrative

Loyola University New Orleans

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2017–18

Laura T. Murphy completed the full draft of her book The New Slave Narrative, which is under contract with Columbia University Press. She published "Anti-Trafficking's Sensational Misinformation" in a special issue of the Journal of Human Trafficking (vol. 4, no. 1, 2018) on "Media and Human Trafficking: Negotiating Meaning, Representation, and Change," and with Kevin Bales and Bernard Silverman made progress on "How Many Trafficked/Enslaved People in New Orleans?: A Multiple Systems Estimation." She also completed a number of educational projects including: "Labor Trafficking among Homeless Youth" for the National Safeplace Network; an "E-learning Module on Labor Trafficking" for the U.S. Administration of Children and Families; a "Community Resource Toolkit, Blueprint for Community Action, and on Trafficking among Homeless Youth" for the Runaway and Homeless Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center; and "Labor Trafficking Train-the-Trainer Curriculum" for the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force.