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Jordanna Bailkin (NHC Fellow, 2003–04)

Project Title

Making Faces: Economies of Color in Imperial Britain

University of Washington

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2003–04

Jordanna Bailkin oversaw the production of her book called The Culture of Property: The Crisis of Liberalism in Modern Britain (University of Chicago Press, 2004) and drafted the introduction and two chapters of another book on colonial crime, tentatively titled The Absence of Murder. She wrote an article on color perception of British workers, "Color Problems: Work, Pathology, and Perception in Modern Britain," that is scheduled to appear in the journal International Labor and Working-Class History (in press, 2005); one on "Making Faces: Tattooed Women in Britain and Burma" for History Workshop Journal, vol. 59 (in press, 2005); and two other articles for publication in scholarly journals, including "Indian Yellow: Making and Breaking the Imperial Palette" and "The Boot and the Spleen: When Was Murder Possible in British India?" Her review of Fashioning the Feminine: Representation and Women's Fashion from the Fin de Siècle to the Present, by Cheryl Buckley and Hilary Fawcett, was published in Albion, vol. 35, no. 3 (2003), and another on Merchants and Marvels: Commerce, Science, and Art in Early Modern Europe, edited by Pamela H. Smith and Paula Findlen, appeared in Left History, vol. 9, no. 1 (2004). She also reviewed Patrick Joyce's Rule of Freedom: Liberalism and the Modern City for European History Quarterly (forthcoming 2005).