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Florence Eliza Glaze (NHC Fellow, 2010–11)

Project Title

The Passionarius/Book of Diseases by Gariopontus of Salerno: A Critical Edition with Translations

Coastal Carolina University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2010–11

Florence Eliza Glaze made substantial progress on her book Gariopontus and the Salernitans: The 'Passionarius' and Medical Practice in Southern Italy (SISMEL Galluzzo, forthcoming). She contributed an essay and coauthored the introduction for Between Text and Patient: The Medical Enterprise in Medieval and Early Mobdern Europe, which she coedited (SISMEL Galluzzo, 2011). In addition she revised "Speaking in Tongues: Medical Wisdom and Glossing Practices in and around Salerno c. 1050–1200" for Herbs and Healers from the Ancient Mediterranean through the Medieval West (Ashgate, forthcoming); coauthored the introduction to Medicine at Monte Cassino: Constantine of Ifriquiyah and the Oldest Manuscript of the 'Liber Pantegni' (Brepols, forthcoming); and wrote "Salerno's Lombard Prince: Johannes 'Abbas de Curte' as Medical Practitioner" for Early Science and Medicine.