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Paul Losensky (NHC Fellow, 2011–12)

Project Title

Sa'eb Tabrizi and the Poetics of Effulgence

Indiana University Bloomington

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2011–12

Paul Losensky wrote two chapters of Sā'eb Tabrizi and the Poetics of Effulgence and three chapters of Sā'eb Tabrizi: Master Poet of the Persian Baroque. He also translated sixty of Sā'eb's poems, one of which appeared in the Mawlana Rumi Review (2012). He submitted entries on the poets Fighānī Shīrāzī and Fānī Kashmīrī for the third edition of the Encyclopedia of Islam; completed "Vintages of the Sāqī-nāma: Fermenting and Blending the Cupbearer's Song in the Sixteenth Century" for a special issue of Iranian Studies; and finished most of a chapter on biographical writing in premodern Persian literature for an edited volume, The History of Persian Literature.