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Michael G. Peletz (NHC Fellow, 1999–00)

Project Title

Sacred Texts and Contested States: The Culture and Political Economy of Malaysia's Islamic Courts

Colgate University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1999–00

Michael G. Peletz completed a draft of his book, tentatively titled Sacred Texts, Contested States: Islamic Courts and Modernity in Malaysia, and began writing another book, tentatively titled Sex and the State: Gender Crossing, State Strategies, and 'Asian Values' in Southeast Asia. He completed an article on "Ambivalence in Kinship since the Forties," which will appear in Relative Values: Reconfiguring Kinship Studies (Duke University Press, forthcoming), and drafted another article titled "Reinscribing 'Asian Values': Subject Making, Nation Building, and Judicial Process in Malaysia's Islamic Legal System."