Barry Schwartz (NHC Fellow, 1992–93)

Project Title

Now He Belongs to the Ages: Lincoln in Collective Memory

University of Georgia

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1992–93

Barry Schwartz wrote eleven chapters of his book provisionally titled "Now He Belongs to the Ages: Lincoln in Collective Memory," under contract with Free Press. He contributed a chapter—"Picturing Lincoln"—to American History Painting, 1775-1925, edited by William Ayres (Rizzoli, 1993); completed "Why They Liked Ike: Tradition, Crisis, and Heroic Leadership" (Sociological Quarterly, 1993), and "Remembering the Emancipator: Ritual and Symbol in the Black Community of Memory" (a lecture at the National Humanities Center); and began "Lincoln in Newark: Symbol of an Era" for New Jersey History and "Collective Memory: Mirror, Lamp, and Frame."