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Mariana Dantas (NHC Fellow, 2016–17)

Project Title

Family Formation, Race, and Social Mobility in Eighteenth-Century Minas Gerais, Brazil

Ohio University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2016–17

Mariana Dantas drafted sections of four chapters of her book Family Stories in Black and White. She contributed several chapters and articles for publication, including "Widowhood, Inheritance of Property, and Patriarchy in Colonial Brazil" for Texts and Contexts: Women in Colonial Latin America, 1550–1823, edited by Nora Jaffary and Jane Mangan (Hackett, forthcoming); with Emma Hart, "Historical Approaches to Researching the Global Urban," in Doing Global Urban Research, edited by John Harrison and Michael Hoyler (Sage Publications, forthcoming); and with Douglas Libby, "Families, Manumission, and Freed People in Minas Gerais in the Era of Atlantic Abolition" for a forthcoming edited volume organized by Karwan Fatah-Black.