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Carmela Vircillo Franklin (NHC Fellow, 1990–91)

Project Title

The Persian Monk Magundat-Anastasius in the Latin Tradition

St. John's University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1990–91

Carmela Vircillo Franklin read a proof of her two-volume The Ecclesiae Atinatis Historia of Marcantonio Palombo (Rome: Edizioni Studi e Testi) and drafted three chapters of Anastasius: The Persian Monk in the Latin Tradition. She wrote "Theodore of Tarsus and the Passio S. Anastasii" for a Cambridge University Press volume on Theodore of Tarsus, and she revised "Hagiography at Monte Cassino in the 11th Century: Alberic's Dossier on Dominic of Sora."