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Richard M. Burian (NHC Fellow, 1991–92)

Project Title

Handling Heredity: A Century of Heredity in French Biology

Virginia Tech University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1991–92

Richard M. Burian wrote two entries for the Dictionary of American Biography and co-authored two essays for publication: "The Non-interaction of Regulatory Genetics and Human Cytogenetics in France, 1955-1975," in History and Development of Human Genetics (World Scientific Publishing Company, 1992) and "A Defence of Propensity Interpretations of Fitness" in PSA 1992, vol. 1 (Philosophy of Science Association, 1992). He worked on four chapters of Handling Heredity: A Century of Heredity in French Biology (with J. Gayon and D. T. Zallen); on a series of lectures on the relationship between history and philosophy of science that he delivered at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon; on "Technique, Task Definition, and Choice of Organism: Some Hazards on the Road to Molecular Genetics," presented at a Mellon workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and tentatively accepted for publication in The Journal of the History of Biology; and (with D. T. Zallen) on an essay commissioned for the October 1992 issue of Genetics.