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Kristen Brustad (NHC Fellow, 2005–06)

Project Title

Arabic from Empire to Nation: A Study in Language Ideology

Emory University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2005–06

Kristen Brustad completed a detailed outline for her history of Arabic as language ideology, tentatively titled Arabic from Empire to Nation-State: A Study in Language Ideology. She wrote an article on "Jirmanus Farhat" that will appear in a volume of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, edited by Joseph Lowry and Devin Stewart (Thomson Gale, forthcoming 2007), and another, "-āt Drink Your Milks: -āt as Individuation Marker in Levantine Arabic," for Classical Arabic Humanities in Their Own Terms, edited by Beatrice Gruendler and Michael Cooperson (Brill, 2006). Brustad has accepted a new position as associate professor of Arabic Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.