James A. van Dyke, 2019–2020

The Social Production of Otto Dix


History of Art and Architecture, University of Missouri-Columbia

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James A. van Dyke

James A. van Dyke (Allen W. Clowes Fellow) wrote the final two chapters of his book The Social Production of Otto Dix. In addition, he revised one chapter for an edited volume: “Deutsche Kunstakademien in der Not” for Die neue Akademie: Die Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in den Jahren 1919 bis 1933, edited by Guido Reuter and Jürgen Wiener (De Gruyter, forthcoming). He also wrote or revised two articles: “On Masculinity and Male Sexuality in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Soldiers’ Bath,” forthcoming in Art History; and “German Art and War in the Year 1932,” forthcoming in a special issue of Oxford German Studies, edited by Catherine Smale and Tara Windsor. Van Dyke is associate professor of art history at the University of Missouri.