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John D. French (NHC Fellow, 1995–96)

Project Title

The Metalworkers of ABC: Working Class Consciousness, Organization, and Ideology

Duke University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1995–96

John D. French finished all but one chapter of his new book, The Metalworkers of ABC: The Social Physics of Consciousness and Mobilization during the Populist Republic in Brazil, and he began revising "The Pursuit of Workers' Rights Standards in International Trade: The Proposed GAIT/WTO 'Social Clause' as Nightmare, Holy Grail, or Vain Illusion," a piece that will appear in Political Power and Social Theory. With Daniel James he co-authored two essays— "Squaring the Circle: Women's Factory Labor, Gen-der Ideology, and Necessity" and "Oral History, Identity Formation, and Working-Class Mobilization"—both to appear in their forthcoming edited volume, The Gendered Worlds of Latin American Women Workers: From Household and Factory to the Union Hall and Ballot Box (Duke University Press, 1997). He also wrote a long article, "Labor Law as Virtual Reality: The Quest to Realize the Imaginary (Brazil's Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho)."