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Kyeong-Hee Choi (NHC Fellow, 2005–06)

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Rewritten in Divided Korea: Colonial Literature as a History, 1945-1960

The University of Chicago

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2005–06

Kyeong-Hee Choi revised her book manuscript Beneath the Vermilion Ink: Japanese Colonial Censorship and the Making of Modern Korean Literature (Cornell University Press, forthcoming 2007), and drafted one chapter of its sequel Rewritten in Divided Korea: Colonial Literature as a History, 1945-1960. With Keungsik Jung, she published an article in Korean, "Tosŏkwa ŭi hyŏngsŏng kwa ilche singminji ch'ulp'an kyŏngch'al ŭi ch'egyehwa [The Establishment of the Book Department and Systematization of Japanese Colonial Publication Police], 1926-1929," in Hang'guk munhak yŏn'gu [The Study of Korean Literature] (no. 30, June 2006). She also published a revision in Korean of her English article, titled "Chinil munhak ŭi tto tarŭn ch'ŭngwi: Jendŏ wa 'Yagukch'o' ["Another Layer of Pro-Japanese Literature: Gender and 'The Wild Chrysanthemum'"], for inclusion in Haebang chŏnhus chaeinsik [Re-Reading of the History before and after Liberation], edited by Pak Chihyang et al. (Seoul: Ch'aeksesang, 2006).