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Edward Muir (NHC Fellow, 1992–93)

Project Title

Ritual in Early Modern Europe

Louisiana State University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1992–93

Edward Muir corrected, proofed, and indexed Mad Blood Stirring: Vendetta and Factions in Friuli during the Renaissance (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993). He completed editing and wrote an introduction for The Crime of History, a volume to be published by The Johns Hopkins University Press on which he is collaborating with Guido Ruggiero. He drafted four and a half chapters of a book to be published by Cambridge University Press, Ritual in Early Modern Europe, as well as an article, "The Word Assuming Flesh: The Ritual Problem in Renaissance and Reformation," a version of which appeared in the Summer 1993 issue of the National Humanities Center's journal Ideas.

History from Crime