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Brian Kelly (NHC Fellow, 2003–04)

Project Title

Black Workers, Black Elites, and the Labor Question in the Jim Crow South

Queen's University Belfast

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2003–04

Brian Kelly completed five of six chapters of his book African Americans and the Labor Movement and drafted an introduction to a reprint of Bernard Mandel's Labor: Free and Slave (University of Illinois Press, forthcoming 2005). He also wrote an article called "Industrial Sentinels Confront the 'Rabid Faction': Black Elites, Black Workers and the Labor Question in the Jim Crow South," for African American Workers since the Civil War, edited by Eric Arnesen (University of Illinois Press, forthcoming 2005), and "Materialism and the Persistence of Race in the Jim Crow South," for the journal Historical Materialism (forthcoming 2005).