Bill Schwarz, 2015–2016 | National Humanities Center

Bill Schwarz (NHC Fellow, 2015–16)

Project Title

Complete two books co-authored with Stuart Hall: (1) The Politics of the Cultural Turn (2) Politics and Culture in the Age of Neoliberalism.

Queen Mary University of London

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2015–16

Bill Schwarz completed Displacements: Life and Ideas in Two Black Diasporas, with Stuart Hall, forthcoming from Duke University Press (US) and Penguin (UK). He also nearly completed Culture/Politics; Politics/Culture, with Stuart Hall, which is also under contract with Duke University Press. In addition to these two books, Schwarz coedited Stuart Hall: Selected Political Writings. ‘The Great Moving Right Show and Other Essays’ with Sally Davison, David Featherstone and Michael Rustin, forthcoming from Duke University Press (US) and Lawrence and Wishart (UK), and contributed a chapter, “The Red Plot” for Stuart Hall, edited by Julian Henriques and David Morley for Goldsmiths Press (forthcoming).