Dyan Elliott (NHC Fellow, 1997–98; 2012–13) | National Humanities Center

Dyan Elliott (NHC Fellow, 1997–98; 2012–13)

Project Title, 1997–98

Proving Woman: Female Mysticism and Inquisitional Practice in Late Medieval Europe

Indiana University Bloomington

Project Title, 2012–13

Scandal: A Hidden Force in Medieval Church History

Northwestern University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1997–98

Dyan Elliott completed a book, The Practice of Reading, to be published by Yale University Press (1998); completed the Alexander Lectures to be given at the University of Toronto in November 1998 under the title The Question of Reading; and started work on a book provisionally called My T. S. Eliot, in certain respects part of an intellectual memoir.

Fellowship Work Summary, 2012–13

Dyan Elliott drafted two chapters of her book Scandal: A Hidden Force in Medieval Church History and wrote a historical novel A Hole in the Heavens. She also wrote “The Counterfactual Twelfth Century” to be included in Christianity and Culture in the Middle Ages: A Volume in Honor of John Van Engen and “Clerical Sexuality” for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality, and Gender.