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Richard Newhauser (NHC Fellow, 1999–00)

Project Title

Greed and Capital: Avarice in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance

Trinity University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1999–00

Richard Newhauser wrote three chapters for his book entitled Greed and Capital, and revised five chapters of another book (co-authored with Edward Peters) entitled Curiosity and the Limits to Inquiry in the Western Tradition. In addition, he wrote several articles that will be published in forthcoming edited volumes, including: "Zur Zweideutigkeit in der Moraltheologie. Als Tugenden verkleidete Laster," in Der Fehltritt und die Diskurse über menschliche Interaktionskompetenz. Zur Heuristik bedrohter Integrität in der Vormoderne, edited by P. von Moos, Norm und Struktur (Köln, Weimar, Vienna: Böhlau); "Inter scientiam et populum: Roger Bacon, Peter of Limoges, and the Tractatus moralis de oculo," in After the Condemnations of 1277: The University of Paris in the Last Quarter of the Thirteenth Century, edited by K. Emery, Jr., and A. Speer, Miscellanea mediaevalia 28 (Berlin, New York: De Gruyter); and "The Parson's Tale," in Chaucer Sources and Analogues, vol. 1, edited by R. Correale et al. (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer).