Annabel Jane Wharton, 1985–1986 | National Humanities Center

Annabel Jane Wharton (NHC Fellow, 1985–86; 2002–03; 2016–17)

Project Title, 1985–86

Communicating the Sacred in Word and Image: Continuities from the Third to Fifth Centuries

Duke University

Project Title, 2002–03

Selling Jerusalem: Towards an Historical Economy of Images

Duke University

Project Title, 2016–17

Manipulating Models: Diagnostic, Phenomenal, Architectural

Duke University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2002–03

Annabel Jane Wharton worked on her book project, Selling Jerusalem: An Economy of Images from Relics to Themeparks (University of Chicago, forthcoming, 2005), completing two of five chapters. She also put the finishing touches on three articles: “Two Waldorf-Astorias: Spatial Economies as Totem and Fetish” for Art Bulletin (forthcoming, 2003); “Ronald Storrs and Jerusalem: The West Remakes the East” for a supplementary issue of the journal History of Political Economy (forthcoming, 2003); and “Icon, Idol, Fetish and Totem,” to appear in Icons, ed. Antony Eastmond and Lucy Anne Hunt (London: Ashgate, forthcoming, 2003).

Fellowship Work Summary, 2016–17

Annabel Jane Wharton completed three and a half chapters and the conclusion of her monograph Manipulating Models: Diagnostic, Phenomenal, Architectural. She also completed “Scaffold, Model, Metaphor” for the digital publication ARPA Journal (issue 04, 2016); “Acquiring Jerusalem” for The Routledge Handbook on Jerusalem, edited by Naomi Koltun-Fromm, Suleiman Mourad, and Bedross Der Matossian (2018); “Doll’s House/Dollhouse: Models and Agency” for the Journal of American Studies (2017); and “Jerusalem’s Divisions: Architectures and Topographies of Urban Violence” for Perspecta: Urban Divides (2017).