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Samantha Pinto (NHC Fellow, 2021–22)

Project Title

Under the Skin

The University of Texas at Austin

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Pinto, Samantha

Fellowship Work Summary, 2021–22

Samantha Pinto completed a draft of her book manuscript. This book includes six chapters and an introduction. She completed an introduction for her coedited volume, the Routledge Companion to Intersectionality (forthcoming 2023), with Jennifer Nash, and edited 54 original essays for the collection. She revised her article, "Feeling Against the Plot," for a special issue of Cultural Studies on Feminist and Queer Diasporas edited by Aretha Phiri (NHC Fellow, 2018–19) which is scheduled to appear in 2023. She revised her article, "Spectacular Remains" for the journal Celebrity Studies (forthcoming 2023). She copyedited and proofread her article "Then and Now," coauthored with Jennifer Nash, for Feminist Studies (2022). She drafted and revised her article, "After Choice," for the University of Sussex "After Rights? Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics" colloquium, which is being collected for a special journal issue. She also drafted an introduction for her coedited special issue of South Atlantic Quarterly on “Feminism's Bad Objects” with Jennifer Nash, and edited eight contributing essays. She wrote and published "Black Feminism in the Air" in response to a forum on her 2020 book, Infamous Bodies, for Syndicate (2022).