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Kevin D. Hoover (NHC Fellow, 1991–92)

Project Title

Causality in Economics

University of California, Davis

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1991–92

Kevin D. Hoover drafted the first chapter of Causality in Macroeconomics and completed research for and the preliminary outline of the remainder of the book. He also revised "Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Once More: An Examination of 'Does Monetary Policy Matter?' in the Spirit of James Tobin" and "Relative Wages, Rationality, and Involuntary Unemployment in Keynes's Labor Market," and he wrote several essays: "Causality and Temporal Ordering or Why Even Economists Don't Know How to Get Causes from Probabilities" (British Journal for the Philosophy of Science), "Six Queries on Idealization in an Empirical Context" (Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of Science and the Humanities), "The New Classical Economics" (The Handbook of Austrian Economics), "The Phillips Curve" (The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics), and the introduction to a three-volume work that he is editing, The New Classical Macroeconomics.