Christina Snyder, 2019–2020

Slavery after the Civil War: The Slow Death and Many Afterlives of Bondage


History, The Pennsylvania State University

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Christina Snyder

Christina Snyder

Christina Snyder (John Hope Franklin Fellow) wrote three chapters of her current book project Slavery after the Civil War: The Slow Death and Many Afterlives of Bondage. Additionally, she completed three essays. The first, coauthored with Theda Perdue, is an historiographical overview of the Native history of the American South and has already appeared in the new volume Reinterpreting Southern Histories: Essays in Historiography, ed. Craig Thompson Friend and Lorri Glover (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2020). Another, entitled “The Once and Future Moundbuilders,” appeared in the crossover journal Southern Cultures (volume 26, no. 2, 2020). Snyder’s “The Long Shadow of Indian Removal” has been accepted for publication in the Oxford Handbook on the History of Race. Additionally, Snyder revised the first five chapters of her coauthored textbook (with Michael Schaller, Janette Thomas Greenwood, Andrew Kirk, Sarah J. Purcell, and Aaron Sheehan-Dean) American Horizons: U.S. History in a Global Context (Oxford University Press, 4th edition, 2020). Snyder is the McCabe Greer Professor of the American Civil War Era at The Pennsylvania State University.