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Leonard V. Smith (NHC Fellow, 1993–94)

Project Title

War in Time of Peace: The Book and the Construction of Civilian Memory of World War I in France, 1915-1940

Oberlin College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1993–94

Leonard V. Smith spent most of the year researching his next book, The Embattled Self: Reconstructing the Soldier in French World War I Texts. He saw through press his book, Between Mutiny and Obedience: The Case of the French Fifth Infantry Division during World War I (Princeton University Press, May 1994), and he revised an essay, "Masculinity, Memory, and the French World War I Novel," that will appear in Authority, Identity, and the Social History of the Great War, edited by Marilyn Shevin-Coetzee and Frans Coetzee (Berg, 1995).