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Robert Norman Swanson (NHC Fellow, 2009–10)

Project Title

The Parish in Late Medieval England: c. 1300 - c. 1535

University of Birmingham

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2009–10

Robert Norman Swanson began work on his book The Parish in Late Medieval England, c. 1300 - c. 1535 and continued work on The Court and Visitation Book of HartleburyIndulgences in the Late Medieval Diocese of York and a revised version of Church and Society in Later Medieval England. He also contributed several articles for a forthcoming CD publication of The Story of the Church in England. In addition, he revised "Preaching Crusade in Fifteenth-Century England: Instructions for the Administration of the Anti-Hussite Crusade of 1429 in the Diocese of Canterbury," "The Attempted Rehabilitation of Reginald Pecok," and "Printing for Purgatory: Indulgences and Related Documents in England, 1476 to 1536."