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Robert G. Morrison (NHC Fellow, 2018–19)

Project Title

An Economy of Knowledge in the Eastern Mediterranean

Bowdoin College

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Robert G. Morrison

Fellowship Work Summary, 2018–19

Robert G. Morrison completed the draft of An Economy of Knowledge in the Eastern Mediterranean. He completed the corrections on ”Cosmology and Cosmic Order in Islamic Astronomy,” which will be published in Intellectual History of the Islamicate World (volume 8, 2020). He researched and wrote “Cosmography, Cosmology, and Kalām from Samarqand to Istanbul,” a journal article which he submitted to Intellectual History of the Islamicate World. In addition, he researched and wrote “Tables for Computing Lunar Crescent Visibility in Adderet Eliyahu,” which will be published in SCIAMVS (volume 20, 2019).