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Martin Jay (NHC Fellow, 2005–06)

Project Title

The Ambivalent Virtues of Mendacity: Lying in Politics

University of California, Berkeley

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2005–06

Martin Jay wrote part of the first chapter of his book in progress on lying in politics; the introduction for a book he is editing of Axel Honneth's Tanner Lectures, Reification: A Recognition-Theoretical Perspective (Oxford University Press, forthcoming); "Aesthetic and Historical Experience: A Twentieth-Century Constellation," a catalogue for Nato Thompson's A Historical Occasion: The Uses of History at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA, MIT Press, 2006); and "Pseudology: Derrida and Arendt on Lying in Politics" for a volume of essays on Derrida edited by Pheng Cheah and Susanne Guerlac. He wrote reviews of several books including Espen Hammer, Adorno and the Political for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews; Erdmut Wizisla, Benjamin und Brecht: Die Geschichte einer Freundschaft, forthcoming in The Brecht Yearbook; and Wolf Lepenies, The Seduction of Culture in German Society, forthcoming in Central European History. In addition, he read extensively for a new project.