Kunal M. Parker, 2014–2015 | National Humanities Center

Kunal M. Parker (NHC Fellow, 2014–15)

Project Title

Immigrants and Other Foreigners: U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Law, 1600-2000

University of Miami

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2014–15

Kunal M. Parker worked extensively on his book Making Foreigners: Immigration and Citizenship Law in America, 1600–2000 (Cambridge University Press, 2015). He wrote “How Law Should Avoid Mistakes: Alexander Bickel’s Modernist Jurisprudence of Mood” for Law’s Mistakes; “Approaches to the Study of Law as a Social Phenomenon: Legal History” for The Wiley Handbook of Law and Society (2015); and “Representing Interdisciplinarity” for Villanova Law Review. In addition, he began work on a third book on mid-twentieth-century modernist legal thought.